How to Secure your Medical Devices within the NHS

Is the new Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) proving difficult?


Medigate created a platform that allows you to quickly improve your medical device security so you can tick a lot of boxes on the DSPT survey. We’ve helped thousands of hospitals worldwide with their device security, and we can help you.

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How to secure Your medical Devices within the NHS →

The experts at Medigate will give you an overview of how Medigate, along with Trustmarque, can help you take immediate actions to respond to these new regulatory standards. They will also discuss the common areas of device security that the DSPT focuses on and how a tool like Medigate can support your improved device security and DSPT compliance journey.

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The Presenters

Samuel Hill
Samuel HillDirector of Product Marketing for Medigate
Before working in technology, he spent seven years as an emergency room tech for two different health systems and lived through an EHR transition twice! Samuel is a husband to one, father to four, and lives on a rural island near Seattle, WA, when not camping. He holds a B.A. from Pacific Lutheran University and an M.A. in Strategic Leadership from Life Pacific University
Elliott Morgan
Elliott MorganHealthcare Cyber Security Specialist for Trustmarque
Elliott is a Healthcare Cyber Security Specialist at Trustmarque, whose sole focus is to help our NHS customers plan, deliver and execute their cyber security strategies.
Keith Christie-Smith
Keith Christie-SmithStrategic Accounts Sales Director at Medigate
Keith is a Sales Director for Medigate focusing on healthcare customers in the UK. He has worked in the cyber security market for over 15 years and has spent most of that time working with UK public sector organisation’s, including the NHS.