Gartner recently published its top trends in strategic IT that governments should be aware of. Unsurprisingly hybrid cloud made the list, with Gartner highlighting that:

“Hybrid IT offers government CIOs a new operating model that supports their IT departments’ ability to combine and manage on-premises infrastructure or internal private cloud with external cloud-based environments simultaneously.”

The inference is that hybrid cloud promotes flexibility, increases workload capabilities and saves money. In order to get optimal value out of the Cloud, government IT departments need to take a close look at exactly how well they are utilising their resources and services currently before deciding what to migrate.

There are some cases where government departments won’t need the benefit of elasticity if they are processing static, predictable workloads. In those instances, cloud could turn out to be more expensive and complicated in the long run. But for some workloads, the Cloud is the perfect answer. We recently wrote about, for example, the CIO at the US Department of Labor, who spoke about the migration of her department’s email services to cloud, resulting in significant benefits.

Adopting cloud in incremental stages can simplify processes, aid the transition away from traditional infrastructure and provide agile, cost effective services. Moreover, doing so ensures that the right cloud is used for the right workload, delivering the benefits of cloud while minimising security risks.

Adopting a gradual approach means government IT teams can start seeing the benefits of hybrid cloud in as little as 12-18 months while managing the types of workloads that make the transition. This negates the need to make a large investment on a mass cloud migration that causes significant disruption to users. Instead, a hybrid approach means benefits are realised quickly, which helps get employees on board with the changes, rather than having to wait 5-10 years before they come to fruition. And crucially, for governments, showing a return on investment is vital – through the ‘quick wins’ that an incremental approach to hybrid can deliver, they can demonstrate that investments are maximised in a short space of time.

At Trustmarque, we work with a huge range of public and private sector organisations, as such, we get to hear a lot of views on cloud from IT departments nationwide. For some organisations, cloud already seems ubiquitous and familiar; for others, it is still new and to be explored. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Trustmarque has the knowledge and the tools to help. You can get in touch here.