Highlighting Operational and Financial Barriers to Cloud

Our annual CIO report offers a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends and insights surrounding the drivers and barriers to the adoption of cloud computing in 2017.

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Image of report on role of the CIO in 2017

72% of CIOs agree different ways of paying for cloud makes selecting the right solution complicated

The report specifically looks at the operational and financial barriers to cloud that UK CIOs are facing in 2017. From the research it is clear that as the adoption of cloud computing continues to rise, the number of potential barriers to cloud that organisations face rises at the same time. Transitioning to the cloud, or indeed working to become a cloud-first business, can be a considerable challenge for many organisations.

The key highlights of the research are:

  • The sheer amount of choice of how to pay for cloud services is a daunting prospect
  • Dated budgeting CAPEX models can inhibit cloud services procurement
  • Existing software licensing agreements are complicating and delaying adoption of cloud technology within organisations
  • Cloud is impacting the IT department’s structure and necessitating a demand for new skills
  • Many CIOs state that adoption of cloud has resulted in the restructuring of operations or will have a bearing in future

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