Election season is well and truly underway, with the NHS once again at the top of the agenda. With all parties seeking to exploit the issue, healthcare has become a proverbial political football. All kinds of figures have been bandied about by various sources, but there is no question that resources are tight at the moment. This current clamour serves as yet another reminder of the importance of utilising resources effectively, and the role that technology can play. The right solutions can help free up precious resources while simultaneously improving patient care.  

The recent implementation of QlikView by the NHS Western Isles Health Board, facilitated by Trustmarque, demonstrates this potential. The Western Isles Board was looking for a solution which would support real-time data collection and assist with automation, in order to reduce delays and free up staff time to care. The roll out of BI dashboards has streamlined data collection and maintenance, helping staff cope with increasing patient numbers and improving response times in critical departments, such as A&E.

The fact that information previously being gathered and collated manually by clinicians is now automated, will eventually lead to the health board introducing predictive analytics into its environment. This will be a significant boon in terms of patient capacity planning, one of the main issues for NHS Trusts and Boards.

For the NHS Western Isles Health Board, introducing BI dashboards has also supported increased mobile working and communication – which has proved vital in such a remote geography. Despite much talk of NHS resources and the challenges it faces, there has never been a better time to implement new and intuitive solutions. With a new generation of healthcare professionals coming into the workplace who are all digital natives, the decision to arm them with iPads and other mobile devices can help to remove barriers rather than cause them.

The type of BI implementation rolled out across the Western Isles’ ecosystem offers a concrete example of how quality data gathering and visualisation helps to provide the best possible care to patients. Moreover, given the financial crisis threatening the future of the NHS, any efficiencies or cost-saving measures that also have the potential to improve patient care should be seized with both hands.

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