Has technology evolved faster than your operations?

Across all industries, there is an efficiency gap between new technologies and current business operations. We understand the blockers standing in the way of your transformation – held back by processes, systems and ways of working all slowing you down, when you need to get ahead.

Intelligent Automation can bridge that gap and propel you forward.
Trustmarque delivers Intelligent Automation-as-a-Service to help you set up, run, or scale up automated operations that work to your advantage. From identifying the areas that will benefit most from modernisation to designing custom automation programmes with team training and support, we unleash new capabilities in your teams, processes and customer operations.

IT’s time to embrace the age of automation

Unlock new capabilities

Automate the mundane

Automate the mundane

Reduce the burden, cost and time of manual processes

Empower your users

Empower your users

Free your users to do more and be more creative

Reduce human error

Reduce human error

Smart technology improves the experience, quality and output

Drive down costs

Drive down costs

Automation is a cost-effective solution offered on-demand

Competitive edge

Competitive edge

Be more innovative, agile and competitive – ready for the future

Trustmarque’s Intelligent Automation Services

Whether you’re looking to set up an automation centre of excellence or want to understand how automation could return most value, we’ll work with you to deliver results. Our automation services are highly customisable – from small scale change projects to large transformation programmes, delivered on-premise or in the cloud.

Process Mining

Where will automation add the most value?

Process Mining and understating your existing workflows should be the kick-starter for any automation project.

Powered by the latest data collection tools, we delve deep into your operations to find out where automation can be leveraged most effectively.

With a data-driven view of process automation, you can be confident you are heading in the right direction to drive your digital vision.

Kickstart Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Manual processes slowing you down?

Free your teams from low-value repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our experts identify the areas that RPA can drive the most impact and work with you to build and configure software robots (bots) to take care of repetitive or time-consuming tasks.

Available as-a-service, this cost-efficient model reduces time, human error and associated costs while creating space for human innovation.

Discover RPA

BizApps and Power Platform

Ready to make the ultimate power play?

Trustmarque’s BizApps consultancy for Microsoft Power Platform takes your business transformation to the next level.

By turbo-charging your workflows, processes, data, apps and services, we unlock the power of automation to your advantage.

We’ll show you how low code, easy to use tooling and automation can reach the ultimate performance.

Make Your Move

“Through automation we have a dashboard of the whole HR process. We can see when a person hands in their notice, when HR is notified and when the person leaves. We can see where the issues or the bottlenecks are. I am hopeful that managers will be more accountable in the future as the whole process is now transparent.”

Find out how Trustmarque helped a large healthcare organisation to automate their starters and leavers process.

Read the case study

Expertise you can trust, innovation you can leverage


Accredited Automation partner

We have a growing team of automation and transformation experts, passionate about using the latest technology to your advantage. Working with our colleagues at Capita, we’re a recognised UiPath Services Network (USN) Partner. Our automation service is also a recognised innovative solution in Forbes.


End-to-end Automation-as-a-Service

Our Automation-as-a-Service capabilities cover all areas of automation and process transformation. From identifying the target areas where automation can have the most impact, to developing the solutions within your existing infrastructure and managing the team training, handover and ongoing support.


The latest automation technologies

As a leading partner to some of the biggest names in technology, we can advise on the full stack of automation tech and thinking. Our experts bring you the latest solutions in: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processes (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).