Brain-draining tasks stifling creativity in your team?
Noticing your colleagues struggling to keep on top of workloads?
Spotting human errors in day-to-day reporting tasks?

We're all human

But now IT’s the right time to embrace the age of automation.
At Trustmarque, we believe that any task that involves human interaction with a computer, software or application provides an opportunity for automation.

When to automate?

Ask yourself, do you have processes which:

Rely on manual interaction with an application

Rely on manual interaction with an application

Are repetitive and frequent

Are repetitive and frequent

Defined business logic

Defined business logic

Are rule-based

Are rule-based

Susceptible to human error

Susceptible to human error​

Depend on structured data and formats

Depend on structured data and formats​

Do not need to be performed in business hours

Do not need to be performed in business hours​

Take a long time to perform

Take a long time to perform

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If so, now is the time to shake off the shackles of the mundane and discover how you can bring a whole new level of freedom and productivity to your business.

Trustmarque’s Intelligent Automation Services

Whether you’re looking to set up an automation centre of excellence or want to understand how automation could return most value, we’ll work with you to deliver results. Our automation services are highly customisable – from small scale change projects to large transformation programmes, delivered on-premise or in the cloud.

Process Mining

Where will automation add the most value?

Process Mining and understating your existing workflows should be the kick-starter for any automation project.

Powered by the latest data collection tools, we delve deep into your operations to find out where automation can be leveraged most effectively.

With a data-driven view of process automation, you can be confident you are heading in the right direction to drive your digital vision.

Robotic Process Automation

Manual processes slowing you down?

Free your teams from low-value repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Our experts identify the areas that RPA can drive the most impact and work with you to build and configure software robots (bots) to take care of repetitive or time-consuming tasks.

Available as-a-service, this cost-efficient model reduces time, human error and associated costs while creating space for human innovation.

BizApps and Power Platform

Ready to make the ultimate power play?

Trustmarque’s BizApps consultancy for Microsoft Power Platform takes your business transformation to the next level.

By turbo-charging your workflows, processes, data, apps and services, we unlock the power of automation to your advantage.

We’ll show you how low code, easy to use tooling and automation can reach the ultimate performance.

How to automate with Trustmarque

We use robotic technology (Microsoft Power Platform/UiPath) to boost business processes and tasks, removing the need for humans to perform these tasks. Not only does this improve the precision and effectiveness of your organisation, but also enables you and your team to focus on activities that are human-centric. The result; an unburdened workforce free to be creative, agile and ready for the future. Saving you valuable costs and resources.

Product Set

The power of automation,
expanding the possible

Skill Set

Sharing our methodology and knowledge,
equipping you to be self-sufficient

Mind Set

Leverage the modern
way of working

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“Through automation we have a dashboard of the whole HR process. We can see when a person hands in their notice, when HR is notified and when the person leaves. We can see where the issues or the bottlenecks are. I am hopeful that managers will be more accountable in the future as the whole process is now transparent.”

Find out how Trustmarque helped a large healthcare organisation to automate their starters and leavers process.



(new staff):

Activity: establishing IT, telephony, site access and user access for new users



(promotions or moving teams):

Activity: changing the access for users who are changing roles internally



(moving to a different company):

Activity: removal of access when users leave a company or no longer require specific access to offices and systems

Long term absence

Long term absence

(maternity or illness):

Activity: disabling access and the subsequent enabling access when a user is absent long term, i.e. maternity leave

Automate your excellence: 6 stages of Automation

We build and hand over the keys to your Centre of Excellence (CoE)

We partner with you to establish an automation strategy that reflects the needs of your organisation, supporting you to identify, design, develop, and deploy automation at scale. Your dedicated Trustmarque Automation Mentor will guide you on your automation journey, helping you reach a level of self-sufficiency. We will start your journey by defining an automation vision statement; this will outline the key objectives of your automation programme, and act as a set of guiding principles as you scale up. We will establish a Centre of Excellence (CoE) and deliver automation training, helping you develop the right skills and knowledge to kickstart your automation programme. We will share our tried and tested methodology with you and your team, providing the building blocks for a successful automation programme.


Step 1: Discovery

Workshop: Foundations for automation

Step 2: Build

Build your first automation

Step 3: Scale

Scaling your automation program with your Mentor

Step 4: Support

Support and maintenance with bots

Step 5: Growth

Demonstrating success

Step 6: Longevity

Workshop: Citizen Developers; empowering your workforce

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