Say goodbye to manual, mundane tasks

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables your organisation to work more efficiently by using software robots (bots) to undertake high-volume, repetitive tasks that take up valuable time. Bots replicate simple processes and tasks like data processing or transcriptions, freeing your teams to be more innovative, customer-centric and to focus on the things that matter the most.

Through Process Mining, we identify where in your organisation RPA will have the most impact. We then work with your teams to implement and manage Bots custom designed to achieve your goals. From improved governance to reducing operational budget, we believe automation should work to your advantage.

We deliver RPA-as-a-service, so you can use it on-demand whenever needed, without investment in costly technology infrastructure, licenses or ongoing managed services.

Laser focus

Laser fosus

Bots stay 100% focused on the task at hand, leaving no gaps and boosting quality

Error free efficiency

Error-free efficiency

Reduce or eliminate human errors, increase processing speeds and productivity

Thinking space

Thinking space

Teams are freed to be more creative, innovative and think about the bigger picture

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

We’ve seen up to 60% reduction in costs where our automation solution is implemented

Competitive edge

Competitive edge

More time to focus on customer relationships, employee wellbeing and experiences

Compliance control

Compliance control

Detailed audit trails help improve your compliance, governance and accountability

Process Mining

Delve into your data and kickstart your RPA journey

Insight is power so Process Mining should be the first step into how automation can work for you. Using remote data collection tools to analyse and monitor your IT systems and application data, we identify your biggest opportunities for automation, showing you how it could transform your operations. As well as clarity about what to automate, process mining gives a data-informed view of your ways of working, where the complexities and risks are, and highlighting which processes are sub-optimal or non-compliant, so you can take action.

Our Process Mining Service ensures you are on track to leverage automation effectively, speeds up the automation design and automatically produces the process maps and flows required to modernise your processes.

How Process Mining helps

  • Connect: Access data from multiple sources like ERP, BPM and CRM systems
  • Configure: Add tags and KPIs to data to align outcomes with strategic business goals
  • Visualise: Obtain a data-driven representation of complex processes, showing all inefficiency and risk
  • Protect: Minimise and manage enterprise risks, ensure compliance and operational resilience
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Power Automate

Take your automation to the next level with Power Automate

Part of Microsoft Power Platform, Power Automate is a low code automation solution that allows you to seamlessly automate processes and workflows. Through Trustmarque’s Bizpps consultancy for Power Platform, we can show you how Power Automate can make your operations more effective.

Whether you’re hoping to remove the administrative burden or improve transparency and accountability, Power Automate can help you level up.

Turn RPA into ROI with Trustmarque

Ultimately, introducing RPA is about saving you time, money and driving down human error.
We’ve helped many organisations in the public and private sector to transform their operations through automation. Here’s a snapshot of the return on investment (ROI) through RPA.


How much we helped one organisation to save on procurement


The reduction in costs seen where our automation solution is implemented

3 X

We tripled the volume of transactions processed by one buying provider

4000 hrs

Saved for an HR function by automating responses to reference requests

“Through automation we have a dashboard of the whole HR process. We can see when a person hands in their notice, when HR is notified and when the person leaves. We can see where the issues or the bottlenecks are. I am hopeful that managers will be more accountable in the future as the whole process is now transparent.”

Find out how Trustmarque helped a large healthcare organisation to automate their starters and leavers process.