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The Cloud for modern business

Moving work into the public cloud can be much like moving to a new datacentre, but organisations can often get caught out when trying to quickly adopt Microsoft Azure as their datacentre through a lack of familiarity with the differences.

Our Microsoft Azure Services

Azure Operations Framework
Active Directory on Azure
Azure on Demand
Managed Office 365
Subscription Health Check
Azure Labs

Why choose Trustmarque’s Microsoft Azure services?

Trustmarque simplifies and removes the risk from your Microsoft Azure adoption to deliver cloud success for your organisation. We have a wealth and depth of experience in successfully procuring, building, deploying and managing Azure solutions for many customers in both the public and private sectors.

Trustmarque has over 30 years experience working with Microsoft and are one of a select group of Microsoft Partners to build value-added offerings around Microsoft Cloud and can offer a seamless experience across all stages of your journey to the cloud.

As an official member of the Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programme and Microsoft Cloud OS Network Partner, (COSN) we are also number 1 Cloud partner for Microsoft in the public sector. Our dedicated Microsoft experts collaborate with organisations at every stage of the journey – advising, implementing and deploying innovative solutions to deliver successful outcomes.

Start your journey to the Cloud

Discover the key benefits of moving to the cloud

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Helping customers move towards cloud services through Microsoft Azure

We help our customers with their cloud journey through the use of Microsoft Azure. Trustmarque will provide you with the consultancy you need to make sure that Azure is right for your business needs.

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Our Microsoft Azure Solutions offer many benefits:

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Anytime, anywhere access – Azure runs on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed datacentres across 22 regions so you can access applications no matter where you are.

An adaptable platform – Our Microsoft Azure solutions support a wide selection of operating systems, programming languages, frameworks, tools, databases and devices making it easy to integrate into your organisation.

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Ease of integration – Azure can easily be integrated into your current IT environment through its network of secure private connections, hybrid database and storage solutions, along with its data residency and encryption features so your assets stay right where you need them.

Security – an array of Microsoft defence systems to protect your data whilst in the Cloud.

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Flexibility – customise the cloud as needed.

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Scalability – Azure’s ‘Pay as you go’ services can quickly scale up or down to match demand, so you only pay for what you use.

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Less complexity and cost – Our Azure solutions allow you to run Azure in your own database with Azure Stack.

Our Microsoft Azure services


This out of the box migration service which simiplfies and combines each stage of your cloud adoption.​

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Kick start your cloud journey

From assessment and planning to execution and management, we’ll support you every step of the way to transform your platform. Our technology experts work with you, removing any complexity and uncertainty, so you can migrate swiftly to the Azure cloud, negating the need for in-house skills or resource.

WIth CloudGO you can:

  • Remove the complexity and uncertainty around cloud
  • Enjoy the benefits of cloud much faster
  • Control and understand your business risks
  • Boost productivity
  • Manage costs

Discover how to migrate your datacentre with CloudGO


Microsoft Azure Operations Framework

Moving work into the public cloud is similar to moving to a new data centre. The same core elements are needed, however with Microsoft Azure the names and properties are either slightly different or offer radical opportunities for change. Companies often get caught out by the unfamiliarity of a new data centre when trying to quickly adopt Microsoft.

How Trustmarque can help: A new datacentre in a matter of weeks

Trustmarque has helped many organisations to make this move successfully through our Microsoft Azure Operations Framework. We provide a series of detailed workshops to help you and your team cover all areas needed to build an Azure datacentre ready for production loads. Using these and your cloud strategy, we will be able to formalise the design and operation of your new datacentre, ready for build.

We can also offer you further support in designing your new datacentre. This process can typically take several months of work, but by using the initial output from the Azure Operations Framework, we can reduce this to around five weeks of workshops and planning.

With our Microsoft Azure Operations Framework, you can:

  • Make fast and efficient use of Azure’s capabilities
  • Reduce learning curve
  • Prevent sprawl and rework
  • Control costs of building a new datacentre
  • Speeds up delivery to drive a rapid return on investment

Discover more about our Microsoft Azure Operations Framework

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Active Directory on Microsoft Azure

Your Active Directory (AD) is critical to your organisation. Without one, your workforce will either have access to everything or to nothing at all. When Active Directory is running correctly, new starters can be added and leavers removed with ease. When it is not running correctly, delays can be caused and it can prevent people working efficiently.

Move your Active Directory to the cloud or keep it on-premise:

  • Moving Active Directory to the cloud allows your workforce access to cloud apps such as Office 365, and quickly scale your user base when required without needing to buy or install new infrastructure.
  • Keeping your Active Directory on-premise, using a hybrid Active Directory solution, enables employees to access on-premise and cloud apps from any device anywhere while your IT department maintains full control over access and management of devices and apps.

New starters, new problems

An Active Directory is an essential part of every organisation. An organisation that understands its Active Directory can easily accommodate both new starters, and employees that change positions within the company, by simply adding new users and adjusting access controls.

What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure Active Directory?

  • Increase user productivity and collaboration
    • Workforce can access cloud apps and services with a single sign on
    • Workforce can access apps from any device, anywhere
    • Enable employees to work collaboratively from anywhere on any device
    • Add and remove users when necessary
  • Compliance
    • Control of devices and the apps users can access
    • Instant on/off user management
  • Improve security
    • Improve application security with Azure AD multifactor authentication and conditional access
    • Only allow authorised persons to access certain data and apps
    • Secure mobile access to on-premises applications
    • Protect your organisation from potential advanced threats with Security reporting and application usage monitoring

Microsoft Azure on Demand

Many organisations are keen to embrace Microsoft Azure to build, deploy, and manage applications and services from the Cloud. However, the initial adoption of Azure can appear complex, costly, and can represent a big change for the business.

How Trustmarque can help

With Trustmarque’s Azure on-demand service, we remove this uncertainty and give your organisation more control over your IT. Trustmarque’s team of experienced Azure specialists provide support and services to simplify and accelerate your Azure purchase, adoption and usage so you get all the benefits of the Cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Your cloud success is our top focus and our team will be there to support your Azure project delivery from start to finish.

With our Microsoft Azure on Demand service, you can:

  • Pays as you go
  • Competitive pricing
  • Choice of support packages
  • Supports any enterprise purchasing model
  • Financial management and alerting capabilities built into all offerings
  • Seamless ordering, provisioning and support experience
  • Simplify and remove the risk from your Azure adoption

Discover more about our Microsoft Azure on Demand service

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Managed Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 changes the way you access information and collaborate both inside and outside your organisation. Microsoft’s comprehensive Office 365 platform combines the familiar Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next generation communication and collaboration services: Exchange Online, SharePoint and Skype for Business.

What is Trustmarque’s Managed Office 365 service?

Whether you are looking to adopt Office 365 or to optimise your existing use throughout your organisation, Trustmarque managed service provides access to a team of experts able to remove the burden of management and support of Office 365 so you can take advantage of the benefits offered by public cloud services.

The benefits of Microsoft Office 365

The benefits of Microsoft Office 365 are wide ranging. It’s clear to see why, if unmanaged, business critical functions such as email, calendaring, instant messaging and collaboration from Office 365 technology can cause significant disruption to your business, impacting; customers, revenue and reputation. Organisations that are looking for new technologies that drive down costs, enhance user experience and improve productivity adopt Office 365 for:

  • Email and instant messaging capabilities
  • Online meetings and web conferencing
  • Archiving, eDiscovery, and document management capabilities
  • Data-loss prevention capabilities
  • Powerful business intelligence (BI) tools
  • Office Online or Office for iPad

Why Trustmarque’s Managed Office 365

  • Simple and predictable pricing
  • Visible return on investment and cost savings
  • 24x7x365 service desk
  • Increased business productivity
  • Choice of support options

Learn more about our Managed Office 365 service

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Subscription Health Check

As your cloud journey unfolds your organisation may make tactical decisions on cloud deployments, acquire cloud assets from partners, or take on management of cloud systems developed on your behalf. It’s important for IT to understand both the risks and opportunities that these resources represent.

How Trustmarque can help manage your cloud

Our Subscription Health Check is designed to help your business understand both the risks and opportunities that your cloud journey provides

Our cloud specialists will work with your team to discuss, confirm and document your cloud subscription from a range of perspectives, including organisation, deployment, operations, access control, data management, and technology awareness. We’ll also review complex areas like networking, virtual machines, scalability and performance management. 

Why arrange a Subscription Health Check

With a fixed-cost per subscription review, a simple engagement model, and a clearly defined output, the Subscription Health Check is a simple way for you to establish a trusted baseline from which to plan an improvement programme:

  • Quickly get an independent health assessment of the resources provisioned in an Azure environment
  • Discover the risk exposure of your Azure estate
  • Receive prioritised recommendations and potential opportunities
  • Recommendations made by the health check are always vendor agnostic

Why Trustmarque’s Managed Office 365

  • Simple and predictable pricing
  • Visible return on investment and cost savings
  • 24x7x365 service desk
  • Increased business productivity
  • Choice of support options

Learn more about our Subscription Health Check

Microsoft Azure Subscription Health Check Data Sheet

Azure Labs

The Trustmarque Azure Labs solution is designed to get your IT department started with Azure, by providing a purpose built Azure environment for education and testing.

How Trustmarque Azure Labs can help you

As a rapid deployment tool, Trustmarque Azure Labs provides a simple secure infrastructure with both web facing and internal only zones, connected to an existing on premise or cloud domain. It is an ideal practice environment for a team new to hyperscale cloud to start deploying services and workloads, testing the results and learning in a safe way.

Why use Trustmarque Azure Labs?

  • Learn about migration to a new cloud datacentre
  • Help your team move their first servers to Azure in a simple way
  • Deploy services and test results in a safe way​
  • Access many years of cloud design expertise within Trustmarque

Learn more about our Azure Labs​


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