How business intelligence transforms data into valuable insights

Data is everywhere and is continuing to grow faster than ever. Effectively managing and utilising the ever-growing amount of big data is vital to remain competitive and effectively use resources.

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Why choose Trustmarque’s Business Intelligence services?

Our business analytics services and solutions are designed so you can use data and analytics as a valuable asset across your business. Whether you need to understand what can be done, create an initial project, or deliver a complex enterprise solution, we provide expert knowledge and experienced support.

Our professional team of data specialists offer a complete service of planning, design, build, deployment and migration capabilities for your all your Business Intelligence and data management requirements.

Making smarter insights accessible

Learn how to uncover business value from data, make better decisions and boost competitive advantage.


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Working with Trustmarque has allowed us to achieve several key objectives within the business; deliver enhanced efficiency and, vitally, an improved customer experience.”

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Our Business Intelligence solutions can help

Increase competitive edge for Business Intelligence Page

Increase competitive edge

Optimise resource & operations for Business Intelligence Page

Optimise resource & operations

Improve operational effectiveness image for Business Intelligence page

Improve operational effectiveness

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Create cost efficiencies

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Focus on customer loyalty

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Move away from best estimates

Get more from your data

Make smarter decisions and drive better outcomes.


Our Business Intelligence services

Data Envisioning

Having a deeper understanding of customers, service users and employees is a great opportunity to create a competitive advantage. There are also benefits to be gained from allowing your teams access to the data they need to make smarter, quicker and better decisions. Our data envisioning service can transform your organisation’s data into practical insight and business outcomes using any of a range of market leading dashboard tools.

Our Data Envisioning and Dashboarding service offers:

  • Real-time dashboards providing a live view of your organisation
  • Richer visualisation tools to see your data in new and intuitive ways
  • Increased speed of decision making by providing access to data from any device
  • Enhanced collaboration as sharing reports is easier
  • Improved productivity as self-serve dashboards empower end-users to work with and analyse data to quickly and the answer they need

Discover more about our Data Envisioning and Dashboarding service:

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Data Modernisation and Analytics

We help organisations explore and implement data analytics technologies to deliver tangible benefits. Our expert delivery teams can demonstrate what a modernised platform can do for your organisation and how to cost-effectively deploy the latest Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics technologies.

Our Data Modernisation and Analytics service can help:

  • Move from traditional BI to modern solutions such as:
    • Data streaming
    • Data lakes
    • Internet of things
    • Predictive analytics
    • Machine learning

Discover more about our Data Modernisation and Analytics service

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Practical Data Management

Our Practical Data Management Service is specifically designed to provide a clearer picture of your Microsoft SQL estate’s system security and overall status and to make recommendations for improvements. We will use our expert knowledge of databases and systems management to identify strengths and weaknesses within your environment.

Our Practical Data Management service can help:

  • Establish if there is any reputational risk to the business
  • Confirm how secure customer and internal data is
  • Identify preventable issues that could cause loss of operations
  • Confirm risks to data security and Microsoft compliance
  • Provide guidance on the required maintenance of your SQL estate

Discover more about our Practical Data Management service:

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Data warehousing for the NHS

The Bedrock Data Warehousing solution is specifically designed to simplify the management of a data warehouse for the NHS. Using NHS Digital rules, this high performance application makes processes and reporting faster, accurate and more reliable.

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How Trustmarque can help:

The Bedrock Data Warehouse for the NHS automates all regular reporting activities for a Trust. By using NHS England Rules combined with your local rules, you can quickly deliver CDS files, SUS, SLAM data and manage your data quality with ease, freeing up time and resources from your informatics, operations and finance teams.

The Bedrock Data Warehousing solution delivers:

  • Regulatory and statutory reports
  • Commissioner data and returns and the board pack
  • KPIs and operational reports to desktop or mobile with multichannel alerts
  • Finance reporting on a daily basis
  • Budget modelling

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