Which Datacentre is right for you?

Our Datacentre Consultancy service is designed to assist customers who are embarking on creating or transitioning to a new data centre, or re-provisioning an existing data centre as a platform for private cloud services.

Our Datacentre Solutions

Cloud integration
Identity and Access Management
Network and Security
Server Virtualisation Planning & Implementation Service

Why Trustmarque Datacentre consultancy services?

As an independent IT infrastructure consultancy with over 25 years experience, our technical expertise can help create a cost effective data centre model that works for each and every requirement. We focus on how organisations manage data centre change to ensure that they are maximising commercial investment.

Enhance your datacentre decisions

Discover how our customers have lowered costs and improved operstions with our datacentre solutions.

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Our Datacentre solutions can help

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Our datacentre services

Cloud Integration

Over time, many organisations find themselves operating a fragmented IT and data architecture, handling disparate applications with an increased reliance on multiple suppliers. We can help organisations regain control of a fragmented IT and data architecture by deploying cloud integration technologies to orchestrate policy, workflow and data across internal applications, cloud services and third-parties.

Our cloud integration services can help:

  • Lower costs by paying only for compute resources you use
  • Reduce reliance on third party suppliers with documented, supported platforms
  • Easily, rapidly scale integrations to cater for varying data volumes
  • Enable informed business decisions utilising aggregated real-time telemetry
  • Efficiently provision resources by understanding consumption of services you provide
  • Enhance business flexibility using message-based integration to support a service oriented architecture

Identity and Access Management

Accessing a number of disparate applications can be complex for users who need to log on to a number of internal, third party and partner systems. Our Identity and Access Management solution provides identity management controls through users, passwords and roles to manage access to varied systems, both internally and externally. It also provides Access Management to control authentication, Single Sign On, session management and authorisation to resources.

Our Identity and Access Management solution provides:

  • Users with a single identity to access many dispersed services, removing the complexities remembering multiple IDs and passwords
  • Seamless access to a number of various internal, third party and partner systems and  applications
  • User lifecycle management, self- service password resets and reducing identity complexities
  • Access control in line with security and governance requirements
  • Improved security by authenticating against a single directory, controlling access to resources and providing multi-factor authentication to sensitive applications and resources

Network and Security

We know that your network is critical to your business, and you need to ensure it is always running at its best to keep your business moving. We offer a managed service for all your network monitoring, management, on going support and the configuration of a diverse range of network solutions, so you can focus on your core business and drive growth.

Our Network and Security services can help:

  • Access a comprehensive network management solution to identify and resolve network related incidents, enabling greater efficiency and lower costs
  • Refocus resources on critical business strategy and execution by simplifying network monitoring and management—while retaining full visibility and control
  • Identify and resolve faults and areas for improvement quickly backed by a team of technical experts and comprehensive SLAs
  • Leverage the full functionality of your network infrastructure without diverting resources to time-consuming technical training and development
  • Meet new demands like enabling multicast video, improving VoIP quality, and supporting virtualization initiatives
  • Accelerate resolution of network availability and performance incidents for routers, switches, firewalls, printers, and other devices

Server Virtualisation Planning and Implementation Service

Virtualisation has changed the way resources are deployed and managed by simplifying and speeding up IT responses to changing business environments. Our approach to virtualisation planning and implementation is a consistent, well-practised process. We work with organisations to reduce their IT management requirements and expenses by prioritising business needs and running multiple applications independently on significantly reduced hardware.

The four steps to server virtualisation:

  • Assess: Captured data from servers, storage and networking to enable organisations to make informed decisions that will maximise the benefits of virtualisation
  • Design: Analysing the data to correctly size a new scalable platform to then build a comprehensive and detailed virtualisation architecture and implementation plan
  • Deploy: Build a new platform and migrate servers and applications from physical to virtual systems across the organisation
  • Support: Maintain and support infrastructure and applications with our suite of robust offerings covering system support and maintenance

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