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Trustmarque’s IT Asset Management enables you to take control of your IT assets to drive cost savings and ROI, create process efficiencies and limit vendor compliance risk.

Our IT Asset Management Services

Software Asset Management
Compliance Assessment
Commercial Benchmarking
Virtual Asset Manager
Procurement Services

Why choose Trustmarque IT Asset Management services?

We work closely with organisations to review their existing IT estate and develop best practice policies and processes when procuring or managing new and existing IT assets.

Our specialist asset management consultants provide support at all stages of the procurement lifecycle to help achieve cost savings by ensuring you only buy what you need, when you need it.

Our consultancies are designed to help organisations to become more efficient, remain compliant and optimise spend and usage when managing and procuring their IT assets.

Significant software savings to be made

We have helped hundreds of customers in both the pubic and private sectors deliver operational efficiencies, improve software asset control and achieve significant savings through effective IT asset management – most make an average of 38% of savings on their procurement spend.

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Our IT Asset Management service can help

Image of eye with cloud reflection representing gaining full visibility

Gain full visibility into your software assets

Image of target with dollar sign representing greater financial control

Greater financial control

Image of coin falling representing lower total costs

Lower total costs by up to 38% over 3 years

Image of money and clock sign representing IT asset costs

Purchase or renew IT assets cost effectively through best practice policies

Image of warning sign falling representing reduced compliance risk

Reduce compliance risk by up to 15% per quarter

Our IT Asset Management services

Software Asset Management

Our Software Asset Management (SAM) tools and services help organisations intelligently manage IT costs and take control of their IT assets. This can include implementing policies and procedures to support new and existing software assets and extensive licence management control to optimise spend and usage, mitigate software risks, as well as remaining compliant across the business.

Powered by SAMSentry

We employ a three-stage approach to SAM. Each stage is supported by our SAM portal, which is powered by SAMSentry, an innovative hosted solution that automates the review and recommendation of software asset management.

Our Software Asset Management service includes:

  • Commercial Benchmarking
  • Licence review
  • SAM technology selection
  • Process designs
  • Managed Services​

Compliance Assessment

Compliance overspend is an issue for many organisations. Some are committing vast resources to adhere to regulations set by third parties, whilst others are overspending on compliance for software that they simply do not use. Our Compliance Assessment uses industry-leading tools to analyse and optimise your current software licensing agreements. This comprehensive review of your licence obligations, entitlements and corresponding compliance needs evaluates your software estate quickly and with minimal cost.

Why undertake a Compliance Assessment?

  • Fully understand your software estate before undertaking a large project, such as a desktop migration
  • Mitigate risk by ensuring compliance before vendor audits
  • Prevent overspend on unnecessary software
  • Achieve a position of strength in vendor negotiations
  • Review ROI by understanding software consumption
  • Improve operational efficiency by identifying process anomalies

Discover more about our Compliance Optimisation Assessment:

Image of Compliance Optimisation Service Data Sheet

Commercial Benchmarking

Organisations are under constant pressure to reduce budgets by doing more with less. But with the complexity of software licences impacting a significant portion of your IT budget, reducing costs can prove challenging. The Commercial Benchmarking Service delivers a comprehensive Commercial Review for your pending purchase, utilising information around current use of software and the long-term technical deployment plan, providing you with an optimised long term licensing strategy.

Our Commercial Benchmarking Service can help:

  • Improve vendor negotiations – Achieve successful procurement negotiations to reduce cost whilst achieving the highest value
  • Prevent unbudgeted spend – Avoid costly and unplanned additions to software licensing strategies
  • Optimise technology investment – Maximise your major technology investments with strategic planning and procurement
  • Improve IT strategy – Ensure that software licensing agreements support the latest productivity tools to facilitate your IT strategy
  • Optimise software renewal – Intelligent and informed decisions around software licensing renewals to save time and money

Discover more about our Commercial Benchmarking:

Image of Commercial Benchmarking Data Sheet


Discovery and licence management technologies have been the key focus when implementing Software Asset Management (SAM) within an organisation. However, as IT evolves, software and asset management takes on a number of new responsibilities in terms of reporting.

What is Trustmarque’s SAMSentry?

SAMSentry is a hosted solution that allows us to automate the review and recommendation of software asset management​ to create task based activities that address core SAM requirements​.

The benefits of using SAMSentry:

  • Address discovery and licence reporting issues
  • Increase maturity and introduce additional reporting benefits
  • Manage and control cost and risk of software​
  • Collect and propagate the right data to the right people at the right time

Discover more about SAMSentry

Download the Datasheet

Virtual Asset Manager

Software asset management is a crucial part of an organisation’s IT budget and often represents a significant investment. With business and technology needs subject to change over time, you need to ensure your IT strategy adopts a long-term approach. Our Virtual Asset Manager Service is designed to improve efficiencies and increase long-term intelligence around your organisation’s existing software asset management processes. It will help you manage your software estate more efficiently, saving you money whilst also mitigating risk.

Our Virtual Asset Manager service includes:

  • Market-leading IT Asset Management technology – Built-in licensing intelligence and advanced reporting capabilities through user-friendly technology, improving decision making for software purchases
  • A hosted platform – Complete management and infrastructure in our data centres, reducing the need for local server support and provision
  • Skills transfer – Team training to develop software asset management skills and capability within your existing team
  • Licence upload and configuration – Correlate licence entitlement with advanced configuration for areas such as data centre and virtualisation licensing
  • Entitlement Management – Maintain licensing position of software estates
  • Asset Lifecycle Management – To manage the status of assets throughout all stages of their lifecycle, from purchase to retirement

Discover more about our Virtual Asset Manager Service:​

Image of Commercial Benchmarking Data Sheet

Procurement Services

Our Software Procurement services provide professional IT advice and recommendations to ensure organisations get the most out of their software investments to effectively manage your software estate. By procuring software cost-effectively and then continually managing it you will maximise your investment.

Our Software Procurement service includes:

  • Commercial Benchmarking Service – optimise and improve software licensing to reduce annual agreement costs
  • Compliance Optimisation Service – ensuring organisations only buy what they need for implementation and renewal
  • Contract Management – supporting organisations with their administrative and commercial needs to allow greater control

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