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Take back control of your data storage

We work with our sister company, S3, to offer our customers effective data storage and management solutions.

S3 are experts in the fields of Data Storage, Compute and Storage Management Systems. They are one of the UK’s leading Big Data and Virtualisation infrastructure organisations. S3 specialises in identifying and delivering bespoke data storage and compute solutions across rapidly changing business landscapes.

A trusted advisor

We support a range of customers from SMEs to blue chip companies who utilise our expertise to access, manage and protect their business-critical information. We provide technically independent guidance and are trusted advisor to their customers.

Everything we do is designed to improve business processes and cost outcomes, enabling organisations to become more efficient, remain compliant and optimise spend and usage when managing and procuring software.

Why choose S3 for your data storage?

The difference between S3 and many of their competitors is their consultative and storage-centric approach to identifying and meeting the individual requirements of their customers. They have long-standing relationships with many customers and aim to exceed expectations to every step of the way.

S3’s capabilities extend from full on and off-site managed storage solutions through to simple tactical purchases. With cross-industry expertise and extensive knowledge of sophisticated infrastructures, S3 can fulfil any requirement concerning data availability and management, information security, business continuity, disaster recovery and investment protection.

Our data storage solutions offer:

Image of Cloud on Computer representing centralised management

Centralised Management

Image of Cloud on Computer representing ease of use

Ease of Use

Image of Cloud on Computer representing high performance

High Performance

Image of Cloud on Computer representing low risk

Low Risk

Image of Cloud on Computer representing low overheads

Low Overheads

Our partners

“Both projects ran seamlessly and were finished on-time and within budget. We now have a low touch reliable platform in place which has improved performance and meets the demands of today and tomorrow.”

Neil Burroughs Head of IT, The Gryphon School


Vendor independence

S3’s outstanding vendor portfolio provides organisations with access to next generation and best of breed storage technologies that offer powerful and flexible hardware with advanced efficiency, resilience and performance.

Through extensive multi-industry experience, they are adept at evaluating business needs, planning and delivering versatile scalable solutions to organisations of all sizes whether integrating with existing systems or completely upgrading storage solutions.

Vendor independence ensures that S3 use the best solution for each project. Their specialist in-house team can tailor solutions that have the architecture to take advantage of the latest innovations. This means that redundant, inactive, anticipated or scheduled data will not consume valuable storage space or take up human resources which are providing economic benefits to your business.

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