IT Simplified is a strategic and simplified approach to IT that can help organisations enhance their digital experience. It aims to simplify the switch to next-generation IT services, to introduce agile and scalable platforms for future efficiency, and to improve speed and cost-efficiency – all with minimal disruption to existing operations.

As demands for fast, highly-effective, mobile-optimised and, most importantly, simple technology increase – from employees, customers, and senior management teams alike – a Simplified IT approach becomes essential.

One solution, however, does not fit all. The sector, industry, size, and working-style of an organisation all influence the needs of that organisation. Thus, each organisation faces different challenges, and therefore needs a different strategy.

Trustmarque understands this, and works with an array of different sectors and industries, finding the best solutions for each organisation’s unique IT needs. To learn how Coventry City Council, The Phoenix Group, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and others have boosted efficiency, saved money, and simplified their IT, read our white paper on Simplifying IT.