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Strengthen your defenses with McAfee Endpoint Security

As cyber crime continues to increase at a rapid rate, along with the sophistication of security attacks, organisations across the globe are under significant pressure to protect their data, financial assets and ultimately their reputation with antivirus software and endpoint security. In 2017, the number of cyber attacks increased by 164% worldwide, compared to 2016. No matter the size of your company or the industry you operate, we are all at risk from hackers.

In order to strengthen your defences and protect your business from these increasing threats, each layer of your endpoint defence, from devices, to networks and the cloud, needs to be secure. And you need the ability to to quickly detect, analyse, block and contain any malicious attack or security breach.

At the same time, you want to avoid adding to the complexity of your IT landscape, or impact the productivity of the users you’re aiming to protect.

How McAfee Endpoint Security can help

McAfee’s Endpoint Security protects users against malware and other advanced security threats. This market leading security solution simplifies security management by integrating defences into one single platform.

We keep the bad guys out, and the good guys in!

A single platform that integrates multiple technologies across the threat defence lifecycle to protect your organisation

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Benefits of McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee’s endpoint protection handles advanced attacks that traditional antivirus defenses can no longer deal with. McAfee’s endpoint security is centrally managed and defends against the full threat landscape from zero-day exploits to more advanced targeted attacks. This protection works on a number of different devices, protecting Windows, Macs and Linux systems, making it simpler to defend your IT assets.

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Improve scanning performance

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Zero disruption to user’s performance and productivity

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Increased protection across the entire organisation

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Flexible configuration and ease of use

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Reduce overheads of deploying and maintaining multiple security products

5 Major Benefits of McAfee Endpoint Security

Our whitepaper ‘5 Major Benefits of McAfee Endpoint Security’ explores the latest cyber security challenges and antivirus solutions to reveal how to protect your business once and for all.

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