Cloud Solution Provider

Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is a platform designed to give you simple and clear management of cloud licensing.
This is an overview of the different types of volume licenses available on CSP:

  • Cloud Subscriptions for Microsoft 365 including Office 365, Windows 10, EMS, Intune, Dynamics 365 and more
  • Azure consumption services
  • Software licenses, such as Windows Server, but only a small number of software are available through CSP to support a cloud license purchase.
Microsoft Gold Partner

1. Why choose CSP

CSP is excellent for organisations that require their licensing to be highly flexible, CSP gives organisations:

  • The ability to scale up and down licensing requirements in short order and with CSP this can be done at any time and without contractual amendment.
  • Who manage project works and require licensing for short term use
  • Flexible billing options
  • Clear and concise management and self service
  • Which don’t require agreement milestones or anniversaries.

CSP also comes with price locking, which locks prices for 12 months, so you’re are able to take advantage of any special offers or discounts. Your Trustmarque account manager will make you aware of new prices 60-45 days before price lock expiry.


2. Portals and Administration

We will send you a Trustmarque Welcome Pack sent for each new agreement which will also include a C-ESP portal guide.

Our Microsoft Operations Team and your Trustmarque Account Manager are on hand to answer any management questions.

Using the portal, you can increase and decrease the quantities of licenses you have in the C-ESP portal or suspend a subscription when needed. For purchases of new products, you will need to order these via your Account Manager and the product will be added and you can then adjust quantities when required.

Managing licenses

High level license management is available in Trustmarque’s Cloud-ESP portal where you can change license quantities, manage billing through the My wallets features, training guides and more, in a single view.

Ongoing support

Our dedicate Microsoft Operations team are always on hand to support you with your CSP account. By purchasing CSP via Trustmarque we can raise tickets with Microsoft on your behalf and have in depth trouble shooting expertise. Any technical, purchasing, or portal queries can all be direct through the support team.

For any queries you can contact your Trustmarque Account Manager or raise a ticket in the Cloud-ESP portal.


3. Renewals

Unlike other Volume Licensing agreements, cloud subscriptions do not expire on CSP.

If you no longer require a subscription you can simply stop, reduce the number, or suspend at any time. You can suspend a subscription in C-ESP or request it be suspended via your Trustmarque Account Manager.

However, you need to remember that:

  • Price-locking – the original price lasts for 12 months, after which a new price is negotiated to align with the current Microsoft price file.
  • Please ensure your billing information is up to date and PO details are still valid or the commitment pot has been refilled.