Enterprise Agreements

An Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a volume license agreement that offers best value to an organisation more than 250 (Public Sector) or 500 users (private sector) or devices. Usually, EAs are a three-year agreement which can help reduce initial costs and sets out your annual software budget over the three years. Subscription options can lower initial licensing costs by subscribing to the rights to use Microsoft products and services instead of owning them. This option also enables you to increase or decrease subscription counts on an annual basis.

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1. Purchase

The process for purchasing an Enterprise Agreement is strict and regimented and each step in the process can never happen without completion of the prior one.

Here is a simplified step by step example:

  1. Customer and their Trustmarque Account Manager finalise the requirements of the agreement i.e. license types and quantities
  2. Pre-Credit check by Microsoft for direct customers only
  3. Trustmarque’s specialist operations team creates a draft contract pack
  4. Once pricing is agreed with Microsoft, Trustmarque submit pricing to Microsoft and includes any relevant discounts, such as DTA for Public Sector. This is then approved by Microsoft.
  5. Purchase Order received by Trustmarque
  6. Sales package released for signature
  7. Agreement signed and completed.
  8. Invoice is sent and access to licenses is grant with a key

The approval of an agreement takes up to five days from Microsoft meaning it is essential where possible, once the agreement has been submitted to Microsoft for approval, no changes are made to the request. Additional changes can cause significant process delays.

Our best advice is – if in doubt, ask.


2. Post purchase

Once you have purchased your licenses, this is the time when your users get to work with the tools you’ve bought.

Whether these are upgraded versions of pre-existing software or brand new, we want you to be able to manage and allocate your new software as smoothly as possible.

Firstly, we’ll send you a welcome pack for each agreement, depending on the type of licenses purchased and then we’ll assist you with managing your new Enterprise Agreement in the Microsoft licensing portals.

You will need to manage your EA through one of a myriad of portals. The portals differ for on-premises and cloud licensing, which can be included within the same Enterprise Agreement. They can lead to a lack of certainty for end users, as to which portal is correct for which scenario before portal navigation has begun.

We know this can be confusing, so one of our dedicated team can help you access and navigate the different portals from the beginning of your agreement. You will be introduced to them and how they may help you via the Welcome Pack you received within the first five days of your agreement go live date.


3. Portals and administration

This is a brief overview of the Microsoft’s main administration portals.

Microsoft 365 Administration Portal

This is where all cloud licenses are accessed, provisioned and assigned. You may view your online service subscriptions at a high level as well as performing day to day administration and management, such as:

You can raise tickets directly to Microsoft’s Office 356 Support team. However, if your organisation has given Trustmarque Delegated Admin Privileges are your we can support you with raising tickets and troubleshooting.

A short enablement session is available on request to take you through some of the portal fundamentals.

Azure Enterprise Agreement Portal

You can purchase your Azure subscriptions via an EA/SCE. You can manage, access reports, view usage and administer access. We can support the end users by accessing reports and administering access.

Again, we offer a short enablement session is available on request to take you through some of the portal fundamentals.

VLSC Portal

This portal is where on-premises licenses are managed, you can access license keys, download media and download a summary of licenses you hold. Through the VLSC you can also make and manage license reservations, assign, and create SA benefits and SA benefit vouchers.

Trustmarque can support your end users by raising tickets to query issues, create reservations on your behalf, cancel reservations on your behalf (assuming still within grace period) and support you accessing keys and media and assigning SA benefits

A short enablement session is available on request to take you through some of the portal fundamentals.

View our portal support videos

If you have any portal queries, please email microsoftportaltraining@trustmarque.com


4. Agreement management

Enterprise Agreements have significant milestones requiring actions throughout the three years of the agreement, the dates of these important milestones are included in the welcome pack.


  • Anniversary Orders
    • The annual review of licensing will determine if you require to maintain or decrease* (*where allowed within the programmatic rules) the number of licenses you require.
    • All anniversary order must occur in the 60-30 day window prior to anniversary date
    • Ensures compliancy with Agreement rules
  • True Ups
    • Reporting increases in license requirement, these orders can be placed mid-term or annually.


  • Annual Order
    • The annual order, due in the 60-30 day window prior to anniversary date sets out the next year of your agreement and the quantities required.
    • If the order is outside the 60-30 day window, reductions may be rejected by Microsoft.

There are many guides available on request, such as Azure Virtual Instance Reservation.

Please book your onboarding call via your Trustmarque Account Manager


Enterprise Agreement are renewed after three years and any renewal follows the same process as the original agreement set up, your Trustmarque Account Manager will contact you well in advance of your renewal data to help you with your future options.