End Customer Investment Funds programme

Microsoft use their End Customer Investment Funds (ECIF) programme to support customers with implementation of services and support. The funds are usually paid to Microsoft partners, like Trustmarque, to deliver the selected service to the end customer.

All ECIF funding is at the discretion of Microsoft and must be applied through a partner.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Using ECIF funding you can:

  • Gain access to technical expertise
  • Accelerate your digital transformation
  • Compliment other Microsoft investment funding, such as FastTrack
  • Provide end users with modern workplace tools

All requests are reviewed and evaluated to determine:

  • Impact on driving end user adoption
  • Ability to overcome showstoppers which impede user adoption
  • Strategic customers in an industry or region
  • Return on investment

Examples of ECIF funded work by Trustmarque

Migrating databases to Azure

This is an example of collaborative work between Trustmarque and Microsoft at a NHS Trust which started with an Movere assessment.

The data from the Movere assessment showed that their SQL and Windows Server 2008 had become end of support and need to be moved to Azure to take advantage of the extended support.

Also identified within the assessments were a series of ‘quick wins’ in terms of SQL servers that had less utilisation and dependencies which could be consolidated. Once the exact SQL servers and dependencies were mapped out, we then migrated some of SQL workloads to the existing virtual datacentre that the customer has already built in Azure. The project is fully funded by Microsoft and we migrated an agreed set of SQL servers and dependent application servers to Azure.

The outline cost of the overall project was borne by Microsoft as part of their ECIF funding scheme.

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Safeguarding remote working using Azure

An NHS Foundation Trust assessed remote working options for several groups of users to ensure that in the event of further lockdown or self-isolation measures due to COVID-19 their staff will be able to continue to securely access the clinical applications and data from any location on any device.

The required solution needed to be quickly deployed and configured to provide easy and secure user access, and scale to the number of users required within very short timescales.

Trustmarque provided a pilot virtual desktop environment, deployed in Microsoft Azure, which initially focussed on the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution.  This allows high levels of security, rapid deployment, controlled costs (pay for what you consume) and the highest levels of scalability. The aim of this initial phase is to build a virtual desktop infrastructure in the cloud as a minimum viable solution, connect to the HSCN back-end applications and verify that the solution can be securely accessed from remote endpoints. Once the pilot solution was proven to work it could be rapidly scaled out to provide full remote access as needed.

Deploying cloud solutions ensured that the upfront costs for the environment are minimised and that only what is being consumed is charged back to the Trust. Traditional IT solutions require a high upfront capital expenditure and large deployment costs. Cloud based solutions are ready to be utilised and can be wound down once an incident has passed which reduces costs.

This project was fully funded via the Microsoft ECIF scheme.

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Office 365 Security and Teams Adoption Consultancy

We recently worked with a leading global advisory, broking and solutions firm and provided them with consultancy to further their development and adoption of Office 365 services.

Their principle objective was to capitalise on their investments in their Microsoft Cloud technologies and improve secure productivity solutions.

The consultancy was delivered by an experienced Trustmarque Office 365 Solution Architect who worked alongside the customer’s own technical teams and provided them with:

  • User Adoption Activities of Office 365 services
  • Office 365 Complex issue resolution
  • Office 365 Security and Governance Assistance

Remote project management was also included within this engagement and coordinated the availability of resources and gave the customer an escalation route.

The work was undertaken in partnership with Microsoft who sponsored the project through their ECIF funding initiative.

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