Microsoft Software End of Support

Within the next 18 months, four of Microsoft’s key business software programmes are reaching the end of their extended support. There isn’t much time left to get your plans and preparations in place. The affects and risks of running unsupported software is well-known and can leave your organisation open to cyber-attack, data theft and increased costs.

The Trustmarque EOS Report

Our FREE End of Support report details the key end of life dates and available software upgrade options, including information on licensing agreements and subscriptions. The guide covers:

  • Windows 7
  • Office 2010
  • SQL 2008
  • Windows Server 2008
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What to do about SQL End of Support Webinar

Extended support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ends on 9 July 2019. As a part of our customer support, we recently hosted a webinar that confirmed the options available to ensure that SQL 2008 users stay supported and compliant beyond 9 July 2019.

This webinar explains the available options for migrating from unsupported versions of SQL and will help you make an informed decision about which one is most suitable for your organisation’s situation.

Watch our on-demand webinar and plan your next move:

Microsoft End of Life Software

This year and next see the end of life for several important Microsoft software lifecycles. They have had five years of feature development and security updates and five years of extended security updates and patches. For several product sets, the end of support time, or end of life deadline, has now come and organisations should be exploring their software options and preparing to upgrade or find replacements.

 EOS productEOS dateReplacementPick your service
UserOffice 201013 October 2020Office 2019 or Office 365FastTrack Ready Service
Operating SystemWindows 714 January 2020Windows 10Windows 10 Updgrade Readiness Assessment
DatabaseSQL 20089 July 2019SQL Server 2017 or SQL on AzureSQL Migration Assessment
ServerWindows Server 200814 January 2020Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server on AzureWindows Server​ Migration Assessment​

End of Life – Software upgrades

Over the past five years, cloud computing technology has become more accessible and affordable giving rise to various options when it comes to upgrading. Many organisations are moving to subscription based technologies, as they offer greater flexibility, run on an on-going cost basis combined with continued security and regular feature updates. These technologies are known as “evergreen” as there are no End Of Service (EOS) dates.

The option to purchase the latest ‘out of a box’ software versions through a traditional CAPEX, one-off payment, still exists. However, more modern subscription based models are becoming increasingly popular, not only due to product functionality, but also as Microsoft offers incentives through discounted packages and deployment funding.

Purchasing licenses to downgrade is not an option for EOS software as new patches and security updates will not be developed.

What if you do nothing?

When your software goes out of support, it won’t stop working, but the main and immediate risk is that there will be no more security updates or patches, leaving your organisation vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

For all Microsoft products, once the extended support lifecycle reaches 10 years, there will no longer be any:

  • Technical support for any on-going issues
  • Bug fixes for any new issues
  • Security fixes for undiscovered vulnerabilities

Additionally, users can begin to experience functionality problems due to incompatibility with newer software or systems, and the number of tickets raised will increase the workload of the wider IT team.

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Microsoft End of Life Timeline

Download our Microsoft End of Life timeline and discover the dates for Windows 7 end of support, SQL 2008 EOL and more key dates for Microsoft Office software:

Download the timeline

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