Cloud Solution Provider & Trustmarque’s Cloud ESP Platform

More organisations are taking advantage of the cloud and subscription-based services. Working with trusted partners, like Trustmarque, the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme gives customers seamless and simple access to new and existing cloud products and services.

Using the CSP programme you can gradually and methodically migrate the services you want to the Microsoft cloud. This allows you to phase your digital transformation journey to ensure successful implementation and adoption, making the most of your investment and your new technology.

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What is CSP?

Traditionally, you buy your licenses up front based on an educated estimate of future requirements via a volume licensing agreement, usually for three years. Once purchased you are committed to that quantity of licences, so if, for whatever reason, you deploy them later than planned or not at all then that investment cannot recouped.

Using CSP is different.

It gives your organisation the ability to provision your Microsoft cloud licences and services as and when you need them. It also lets you manage your costs better by increasing and decreasing quantities as often as required.

CSP is a modern licensing platform which helps us support you to managing your cloud lifecycle, this includes billing, 24/7 support helpdesk and access to Trustmarque’s unique Cloud ESP portal which lets you self-provision, manage and analyse your spending.

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Benefits and uses of CSP and Cloud ESP

Control your costs

Control your costs

Using CSP ensures you can be more efficient by purchasing the licences you need in real time. You can also invest up front and drawdown on the amount as and when required.

Be flexible

Be flexible

CSP allows you to only pay for licences when you need them and reduce them when you don’t. For example, if you are:

  • A changing business, heavily focused on project work can buy the technology need for the project then drop down to down to zero when it’s finished. And then increase again when a new project starts.
  • A seasonal business employing staff on temporary basis will be able to seamlessly provision amount and type when needed.
Create multiple tenants

Create multiple tenants

Cloud ESP allows you to associate multiple tenants under one agreement and to allocate a budget each by creating a dedicated Wallet. This lets you see and control your spend across tenants providing better management functionality. Adding a new tenant is simple and easy.

My Wallets from Trustmarque

Using our Cloud ESP’s Customer Wallets feature allows you to design the way you wish to spend. You can do this in multiple ways, i.e. split billing by tenant, or by product, department or subscription.

Much more than a licensing programme

Flex and Scale

Gain complete flexibility. You no longer need to commit to a minimum licence quantity or term, meaning CSP is completely scalable and giving you greater control.

Closer partnership

Procuring your Microsoft licensing through CSP allows us to work closer together and lets us help you to manage your purchases and engage with us to maximise your spend.

Single view

Trustmarque’s Cloud ESP portal is purpose built to support Microsoft’s CSP programme, allowing management of licences all in one place.

Manage your way

Our Cloud ESP Wallets allow you to manage spend in a way that suits you, whether this is by department, tenant or product.

Pay on your terms

Trustmarque offers different billing types, such as, paying as you go or making a monetary commitment to drawdown on, giving you the flexibility in the way you procure your Microsoft CSP licences.

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Joining CSP and our Cloud ESP platform is straight-forward, quick and easy.

Support as standard

Trustmarque offers dedicated 24/7 support helpdesk for all CSP customers as a standard.


You can use the Cloud ESP reporting functionality to create detailed reports that show line by line billing in each wallet by subscription and of your Azure usage.

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Why Trustmarque?

Trustmarque’s licensing specialists focus on CSP as well as Enterprise agreements, and our dedicated Microsoft Operations team ensure your onboarding and portal administration is clear and easy.

We are a Microsoft accredited partner, with decades of software licensing experience. Trustmarque are a CSP Direct partner meaning customers work with us and we work directly with Microsoft. We have a unique cloud management platform, Cloud ESP, and offer licensing expertise across both Public and Private sectors.

To get started with CSP please speak to your Trustmarque Account Manager or complete this contact form and we will be in touch.