Digital Transformation: A Clear Path to your Modern Datacentre

Our tried and tested approach ensures you use the right strategy and tools to fully plan, deploy and deliver your Modern Datacentre, whilst continually optimising to make certain you are getting the most from your investments.

IT all starts with an exploration workshop

Book your personal session with one of our highly skilled Cloud and Datacentre consultants to discover how we can support your modern datacentre transformation.

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Our 5-stage methodology

A free consultation to understand your needs

To give you the best solutions, we first need to understand your needs. That’s why we start all our Modern Datacentre engagements with an Exploration Workshop. This free consultation (in person or online) held with our skilled Cloud and Datacentre Consultants is broken down into three topic areas – discover, discuss and recommend.

Our consultants will work with you to understand your key business challenges and what you are trying to achieve, how technology is currently used and where it can be optimised. We will then be able to highlight opportunities for change whether that is utilising the cloud, on-premise or hybrid solutions.

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Evaluate your IT estate

Once we’ve identified your core objectives, our assessments will arm you with the information to make the right decisions about your whole IT estate. Using the latest cutting-edge assessment tools, combined with a series of in-depth workshops, we will provide you with a report with clear recommendations need to create your roadmap to a modern datacentre.

We’ll provide you with a clear understanding of the most appropriate hybrid, public or private cloud solution for your datacentre needs. You’ll gain insights to support accurate budgeting and planning. We’ll also identify areas for improvement in your current IT estate.

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Remove the complexity from your datacentre migration

Using the findings from the Assessment phase we will design a full plan to deploy and migrate the appropriate workloads across your existing and new datacentres environments.

We take the outputs of the assessment and combine these with further due diligence and consultative workshops to define a detailed scope of work and design for your cloud environment that will move eligible workloads to their destination.

After the migration, you can either return system support back to your in-house operations team or Trustmarque can continue to support you, and if you are using Microsoft Azure your assets can be managed through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) programme.

Manage all your datacentre environments with peace of mind

Access technical expertise and service support whenever you need it. Our proactive and flexible support team help you to manage your infrastructure, serving all public, private and hybrid cloud environments, regardless of where individual workloads reside.

We closely monitor your IaaS (and a growing segment of PaaS platforms) with your on-premise environments, so we can identify issues promptly and provide you with accurate response recommendations. Plus you will have peace of mind knowing that your issues will be addressed under pre-agreed SLAs. We can provide both 24/7 or business hours support, depending on your needs.

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Futureproof your modern datacentre strategy

Whether you’re moving to the Cloud for the first time or you’re already using cloud platforms to host your data, apps or infrastructure, you can maximise your investments with our Optimisation Solutions.

We combine the latest assessment tools with a series of 1:1 workshops to get a full understanding of your IT environment. We will then present you with clear recommendations to help develop an ongoing cloud optimisation strategy and roadmap for your organisation.

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