Introducing Microsoft Viva

Reimagining your employee experience

Microsoft Viva is an integrated platform built on top of Microsoft Teams and developed to help your organisation let your people be their best and thrive in this new working reality.

Remote working is now a norm and even with the introduction of hybrid working, employees face a growing imbalance between work and life which could lead to a greater risk of burnout and decreased wellbeing. For any organisation this is a growing issue that can lead to lower productivity, employee disengagement, or staff retention.

This is where Microsoft Viva can help.

Employees working from home or using a hybrid setup need flexible work options and to see colleagues in person too. Viva can help organisations empower managers, create a collaborative culture, and most importantly, lets you reimagine your employee experience. Read how Viva is helping reimagine the employee experience.

Couple working from home

Two workshops to discover Microsoft Viva

Through a Microsoft designed methodology, we will help you understand, experience and identify scenarios that drive employee engagement and insights.

Employee Experience

An overview of the Art of the Possible which focuses on the Viva suite with Topics, Connections, or Learning.

Employee Insights

A three-phase engagement that provides an overview of the Art of the Possible, and a deep dive into Viva Insights.

The workshops provide an overview and bring to life how you can implement Microsoft Viva across your organisation.


  • Gather information on key business scenarios
  • Define scope
  • Identify business stakeholders
  • Introduce Microsoft Viva

Art of the Possible

  • Showcase employee experience transformation
  • Microsoft Viva overview with selected pathways
  • Demos and immersive experiences

Build the Plan

  • Build upon your newfound knowledge and pair it with your unique business challenges
  • Prioritisation of scenarios and next steps built into a plan

Enhancing Employee experience

Watch our Microsoft Viva champion, David Davies, explain how you can drive employee engagement and improve their working experience. This session, recorded at our ConnectIT Live 2021 event, demonstrates the four components of Viva – connections, insights, topics, and learning – and how they can make changes to your organisation and benefit your employees working environment.