Virtual Desktops for Health

The power to work anywhere, securely

Introducing a remote-based, full access virtual desktop solution for healthcare professionals to deliver critical patient services safely from home.

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Virtual Desktops for Health

Designed in partnership with healthcare professionals, our virtual desktop solution provides secure remote access to clinical applications from any smart device, enabling self-isolating colleagues and returning clinicians to continue vital work.

Through Isosec Virtual Smartcards, users gain fast, easy access to all the critical applications they need like EMIS, Adastra, SystmONE and AccuRX, where they can view full patient records and issue e-prescriptions and referrals.  Virtual Desktops for Health aim to ease the pressures, increase the number of appointments available in clinical services and reduce the challenges with face to face provision, including availability of PPE.

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Virtual Desktops for Health at a glance

Virtual Desktop

Anytime, anywhere access

Remote, full access virtual desktop solution for a wide variety of healthcare professionals including GPs, community nurses, 999/111 staff and more

Safe option for colleagues who are vulnerable

Safe and secure

A safe option for colleagues who are vulnerable, self-isolating or recently returned to work, reducing the need for contact and PPE

Smart devices

Personal device compatible

Employees can quickly access standard clinical applications via their own smart devices including home laptops and smartphones to deliver patient services

Healthcare professionals

Easy set up

Frees up healthcare professionals to focus on patient care without the added stress of adapting to home working and new software or hardware

It’s estimated at least 1 in 4 healthcare workers are self-isolating, many of whom are still fit and able to work.

How does it work?

Remote access to familiar clinical applications

Our Virtual Desktops for Health work like a standard desktop solution providing registered healthcare professionals with instant access to familiar healthcare applications and smartcards. Access is provided via a Windows 10 Virtual Desktop hosted in Microsoft Azure and within the HSCN, providing a fully secure, reliable and scalable solution.

The virtual desktop app can be launched anywhere and from any Smart device, including laptops, Macs, Notebooks and smartphones providing there is a secure WiFi or 4G connection.

User access is simple:

  1. Download the virtual desktop application to your smart device
  2. Launch the desktop application and login via two-factor authentication
  3. Access your virtual desktop – the desktop will appear just as it does when in the “office”
Run a remote clinic

Run a remote clinic

Schedule, deliver and manage patient appointments safely from home to meet the constant demand for GP and clinic services. You’ll have full visibility of upcoming appointment sessions. And unlike other virtual solutions you can see your colleague’s appointments so workload can be managed across teams. Access to patient information and medical records are authenticated through physical or virtual smartcards.

You will have everything at your fingertips to deliver the best patient care.

Through the remote clinic service you can:

  • Deliver patient consultations with access to all medical records as if you were in a surgery
  • Send prescriptions directly to your nominated pharmacy via EPS
  • Manage referrals to other healthcare and social care service providers
  • Manage patient records and ongoing administrative tasks

Benefits of Virtual Desktops for Health

The power to continue critical services

Empower healthcare professionals to continue vital work at this critical time. The ability to quickly mobilise an increasingly home-based workforce will ease pressure on services and ensure all colleagues have a safe, secure and accessible way to work remotely.

Reduce the strain caused by employee sickness, self-isolation and local staff shortages

Maintain patient services via access to full medical records and e-prescriptions

A safe option for all employees, especially those in the vulnerable category

No need for training or new devices – just download an app to any smart device

Easy to onboard new and recently returning staff quickly, and remotely

Simple set-up with no lag time or delays accessing applications through the virtual desktop

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Why Trustmarque for your virtual desktop solution

Trustmarque has a long-standing presence in the healthcare sector, supporting many organisations through digital transformation. We are well versed in the challenges and opportunities of remote working, having migrated our own workforce and many of our customers’. We are determined to use this experience and expertise to help organisations at this critical time, especially within the healthcare sector.

As a valued and highly accredited Microsoft partner, we came together to create a solution that could harness the power of Azure to solve challenges with remote access. While available immediately, this is not a short-term solution, but will evolve to meet the changing needs of healthcare providers.

We’re in IT together.

Microsoft Azure Partner

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