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Stream your Windows experience securely and go anywhere

Windows 365 is your answer to provisioning desktops in the cloud – it’s a new way to experience Windows 10 or Windows 11. This cloud service streams the full Windows experience to any device, including apps, data, and settings from the Microsoft Azure platform. It leverages the personal cloud computing category Microsoft calls Cloud PC – a persistent desktop, accessible through any web browser or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Windows 365 gives you an ultra-modern solution for provisioning and managing your virtual desktops

Give your users the power and security of the cloud on any of their devices

Facilitate seamless remote working

Create a full desktop environment without additional gateway servers, VPNs or corporate devices

Publish as many desktops as you need to accommodate your diverse workloads

Easily manage and configure with Endpoint Manager using the exact same processes and tools

Reduce costs with adjustable compute and storage resources

Provides individual persistent desktop ownership that follows the user anywhere

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Windows 365 for your organisation

Invigorate your employees

Your users can securely stream their personalised Windows experience, including desktop, apps, settings, and content to any device and to anywhere location.

Moving from one workspace to another? Your users can pick up right where they left off, because the desktop state is the same, even when devices and locations are switched.

Empower your IT department

Powered by Azure Virtual Desktop, the ease of a fully managed service will allow you to assign and configure your virtual desktops using familiar tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Options to suit organisations of all sizes

Windows 365 for Business

Use the Business Edition for a quick and easy setup utilising Azure AD and Microsoft’s defaults (no existing ADDC).

  • For 300 seats or less with no existing technology prerequisites
  • Purchase, deploy and manage your desktops via the Windows 365 portal

Windows 365 for Enterprise

Use the Enterprise Edition (over 300 seats) for more control over the instances and to make use of all features.

  • Seamless access to Office 365 and any other Microsoft cloud-based services plus any Windows 10 or 11
  • Fully manage instances using standard Microsoft admin and management tools including Azure AD(+hybrid) and Endpoint Manager (Intune).

What are the differences between Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop?

Windows 365 Azure Virtual Desktop
Skills Does your IT staff have VDI experience? No VDI expertise required – deploy and manage using MEM or small business portal Use VDI, Azure and MEM expertise to customize and manage your desktop virtualisation environment
Pricing Do you need predictable monthly pricing, or do you prefer “pay as you go” consumption-based pricing? Predictable monthly pricing per user Consumption-based pricing based on actual use of Azure infrastructure
End user How many hours/days do end users access the virtual desktop? Can users share a virtual machine, or do they need a personal desktop? Personalised Windows 10 or 11 desktop experience for each user Pricing advantage for users with low utilisation, or pooled users per VM (multi-session)
Compliance Any regulatory or compliance requirements to consider? Do you need to control the location of cloud desktops for performance? Select the Azure datacenter region that best fits your needs. Azure has 100+ compliance certs, more than any other cloud. Select the Azure datacenter region that best fits your needs. Azure has 100+ compliance certs, more than any other cloud.
Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Are you considering DaaS or are you currently a DaaS customer? True DaaS service for businesses of one to the largest enterprises Trustmarque-built DaaS solutions
Existing Citrix/ VMware VDI Do you have any Citrix or VMware VDI investments today that you want/need to keep? N/A Migrate to Azure with AVD + Citrix/VMware partnerships
Advanced compute or storage Any GPU or high-performance application requirements? Largest SKU details. Customize with any VM and storage service in Azure
Remote app streaming Do you want to use remote app streaming for legacy application compatibility or to sell your software “as a service” from Azure? N/A New pricing model supports user access for SaaS apps
Hybrid cloud environment Do you need to keep running some desktop virtualization on-premises (existing environment, latency, data locality)? N/A Consider solutions with Citrix, VMware or Azure Stack HCI

Why choose Trustmarque?

We have a strong and long-standing relationship with Microsoft, with numerous gold partner accreditations. We are an Advanced Specialisation Partner for Windows Virtual Desktop, as well as for Windows and SQL Server Migration, Teamwork Deployment, and Adoption and Change Management, making us one of the UK’s market-leading Microsoft partners.

The Microsoft Advanced Specialisations are awarded to partners with an existing Microsoft Gold Partner competencies who further demonstrate greater technical capabilities and a deep knowledge of the topic area against a strict criteria.

Our experienced Azure and Modern Workplace teams provide the Microsoft cloud expertise you need to accelerate your adoption, migration, and success across your IT infrastructure, office software, business tools, cyber security, and more.

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