It’s hard to think of a concept that has had more impact on IT over the last few years than cloud computing.  Yet despite its impact, recent research found that the vast majority of CIOs and IT professionals believe their move to the cloud has been hindered by a lack of support – despite the fact that the cloud is their third highest spending priority, according to Gartner. Analyst house EMA also found that as many as 36 per cent of CIOs consider the lack of support on offer to be a major obstacle. So why is getting the right support such a challenge?

While there may be a sizeable amount of cloud services on offer, every business has different needs and objectives, meaning that there’s no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option. Plus, while many vendors are happy to sell a cloud service to their customers, they’re not always able to provide ongoing support. It’s fair to say that plenty of organisations, particularly those in the public sector, don’t have the vast resources, skills or expertise to manage and support cloud internally.

This lack of support shouldn’t be a barrier to the adoption of cloud computing. The benefits of moving to the Cloud are there for all to see; it’s usually free from any capex requirements, it supports effective collaboration and mobile working by allowing staff to work from anywhere, and is increasingly the preferred option for disaster recovery.

36% of CIOs view lack of support as a barrier to Cloud adoption

But for cloud to deliver these benefits, it’s vital that each cloud deployment is managed and supported from start to finish; in order to ensure that every penny invested in moving to the cloud is maximised and can demonstrate a return on investment. Cloud computing is becoming an expectation for many businesses, so it shouldn’t be undermined by a lack of basic support.

At Trustmarque, we work with a huge range of public and private sector organisations, as such, we get to hear a lot of views on cloud from IT departments nationwide. For some organisations, cloud already seems ubiquitous and familiar; for others, it is still new and to be explored. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Trustmarque has the knowledge and the tools to help. You can get in touch here.