CloudGO getting you to the Cloud quickly

Let Trustmarque migrate your on-premises datacentre to Microsoft Azure for £30,000

Creating a new datacentre to meet with demand or replacing an old one can be a costly exercise whether on premise or in the cloud. It takes time to plan, resource, test and procure new hardware and associated kit. This is why we have created CloudGO. 

CloudGO isn’t just a ‘lift and shift’ exercise from your on-premises solution to the cloud. It is the opportunity to transform your organisation’s digital footprint and move swiftly and easily to a cloud-based structure. This migration will host your cloud appropriate business applications in the Microsoft Azure platform and gives you the flexibility to securely expand and transform your organisation’s future requirements.

For a fixed price of £30,000 we will migrate your on-premises datacentre to the cloud in nine months or less. CloudGo removes the complexity of planning, migration and testing meaning that you are saving time and money.

Why use CloudGO?

Using Trustmarque to plan, deliver and migrate to your new cloud datacentre you will:

  • Take advantage of a defined outcome approach, you can control and understand your business risks throughout the migration
  • Benefit from a single prime consultancy, you have a single set of management and technical teams to work with
  • Access many years of cloud design expertise within Trustmarque. As a result, the outcome will be more secure and in line with accepted best practice standards and delivered efficiently
  • Adopt the advantages and benefits of cloud much faster through a lift and shift methodology
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Alongside this upfront cost, you will also need to pay a monthly subscription for the applications and services you use. Offering you a consumption based payment model, if you don’t use something then you won’t pay for it and vice versa. You will be able to monitor and optimise your usage through Trustmarque’s Cloud ESP portal or Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) platform.

See how your organisation get to cloud quickly in our infographic.

Download the infographic
Find out more about cloud migration through CloudGO by booking your Cloud Discovery Review
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