Many Trusts are facing the need to change their data warehouse systems. There is a current upsurge in Trusts with Cerner looking to re-engineer their approach as they see software offers changing, potentially leaving organisation’s data flows at risk.

Over the last few months, we have seen more NHS Trusts implementing the Bedrock Real Time Connector. We have recently worked with NHS Trusts, including Royal Berkshire and Kingston Hospital, which are already using the Bedrock Real-time Connector to connect all of their Cerner data into their data warehouses in near real-time without any need for regular offline remedial work.

Introducing Bedrock

BedrockThe Bedrock Data Warehouse provides a customisable, off-the-shelf tool at a fraction of the cost of many other systems. It is designed to simplify the management of any data warehouse. The high-performance application makes processes and reporting faster and, most importantly, accurate and reliable. Large updates can run in minutes and the data is always available 24/7.

Bedrock Real Time Connector is a data extraction tool that moves data from Cerner to a local SQL Server database within just a few seconds. Bedrock is highly specialised in the healthcare market and works very efficiently with Cerner data platforms, however, it can also be used to support any EPR system. The extracted data can be used for a range of operational needs, monitoring patients in A&E, daily finance reporting, and other operational notifications via mobile apps.

Working with Kingston Hospital

Like many healthcare organisations, Kingston Hospital was using an outdated data management and a reporting system that could not meet its requirements for real-time reporting from Electronic Patient Records (EPRs).

“We had years and years of relying on overnight feeds. When they fail, it can all go wrong because you have to load data manually and in the right order. We were keen to move to a new environment ASAP as data extraction was very painful for everyone involved,” explains Ursula Kingsley, Deputy Head of Information Services, Kingston Hospital.

Bedrock Real Time Connector has enabled Kingston Hospital to achieve its core objective of real time access to EPRs. The biggest benefit has been the simplicity in the solution, with data extraction now something they simply do not need to worry about. This has paved the way for the potential to redesign their overall data warehouse and IT infrastructure.

 “I have to say I am very impressed with the lack of involvement needed with the product. I’ve not had to do anything, it just works. And it works fantastically well. That’s the biggest compliment I can pay and certainly a Godsend from my point of view.”

Isaac Chapman, Data Warehouse Lead at Kingston Hospital.

Where to start?

With recent changes in the Cerner data story and the need to integrate a greater number of data sources, we know, now more than ever, our customers need to concentrate on analysis, not data gathering. Our technical team can help you understand how you can get data from Cerner and other sources data quickly.

Our Data Warehousing workshop will demonstrate how Bedrock Data Warehousing can create reliable and accurate ways of reporting by integrating with your current system. We will also explore how to enable your staff and how your organisation can reduce costs, make efficiencies to become more productive.

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