Whilst it’s true creating the perfect storage solution can be complicated, the industry’s obsession with making everything seem even more complex with all that unnecessary jargon and tech talk doesn’t help.

And at Trustmarque we know you’d rather focus on your business, so we have a different approach.

First, we listen, then we assess your specific requirements and then we design and deliver the solution that’s right for you – it sounds logical to do it this way round to us. And we’re finding so many more of our customers agree, so we think we are onto something.

Why Trustmarque and IBM?

As a certified long-term partner, we are fluent in using IBM’s unrivalled resources and world-class technology. We understand how to match their performance, flexibility, efficiency, and competitive pricing with your needs.

And as we only ever speak your language, we decode and demystify the tech talk, to ensure you’ll always understand what the solutions are and why we’re proposing them.

What is IBM’s FlashSystem?

Without falling into the trap of tech jargon, it’s worth recapping on the relevant facts around the IBM FlashSystem storage family.

As a radical simplification of IBM’s primary block storage options, they are able to cover all use cases, from the largest enterprise to the smallest lines of business within an organisation. And you don’t even need to worry about which elements are most relevant to your requirements – we have the knowledge to make the right choices for you.

Why should you consider FlashSystem?

The headline facts are that FlashSystem is a single, all-flash storage platform designed to simplify your storage infrastructure, reduce complexity, and cut costs.

And whilst all this is exactly what a business needs to overcome their storage challenges – from scalability and security to ease and speed of access to data – it’s even more reassuring to know that the right solution can continue to deliver extensive innovation for your enterprise-class storage solutions and hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Over the years we have deployed successful IBM solutions across a diverse range of challenging industries, from utilities to financial institutions, education to listed multi-nationals.

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