Effective Use of Data in Financial Services

In conjunction with Microsoft, we hosted a breakfast briefing to discuss how Financial Services organisations can make effective use of the vast amount of data they already hold and continuously collect.

We looked at how in today’s finance market it is important to stay competitive and manage the ever-growing IT costs. As well as keeping costs down, maintaining other crucial requirements like risk management with the arrival of GDPR and customer satisfaction.

Using data effectively can benefit your business with the following;

  • Risk management
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Effective customer profiling
  • Securing existing customers

The morning’s discussion points were:

1) Microsoft: A view of the tech
2) The Datawarehouse: A COTS for automating Regulatory reporting
3) Trustmarque: The New “How to use it;” Bringing it together; Baking business change into BI

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Data to Actionable Insights 

Taygan Rifat – Partner Technology Strategist

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BI – Bringing it together

Dick Wall – Trustmarque – BI and Analytics

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