This blog explores the hazards of not having an Office 365 backup in your arsenal, and why backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 fill the gap of long-term retention and data protection.

With Microsoft Office 365, it’s your data, you control it, and it’s your responsibility to protect it. Veeam® Backup for Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the risk of losing access to your business-critical data and ensures that you remain in complete control. Now it’s easier than ever to efficiently back up and reliably restore your Office 365 Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data with version 3 delivering:

  • NEW! Up to 30x faster backups. Increase SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business incremental backups, dramatically shortening Office 365 backup windows from hours to minutes and minutes to seconds.
  • NEW! Increased security. Perform secure backups and restores with multi-factor authentication.
  • NEW! Office 365 data protection reports. Identify unprotected Office 365 mailboxes and manage license and storage usage.
  • NEW! Retention options. Enable retention policies to operate like Veeam Backup & Replication (full + forever incremental) or choose to use the traditional, time-based approach provided in previous versions.
  • NEW! Simplified management for larger environments. Automated scale out of the repository to eliminate issues with maximum file size limits.

With Veeam, you can granularly search, easily scale and quickly perform management of backup jobs across tens of thousands of Office 365 users!

6 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup

The case for why organisations need to protect Office 365 data

Do you have control of your Office 365 data? Do you have access to all the items you need? The knee-jerk reaction is typically, “Of course I do,” or “Microsoft takes care of it all.”

But if you really think about it — are you sure?

Microsoft takes care of quite a bit and provides a great service for their customers. However, Microsoft’s primary focus is on managing the Office 365 infrastructure and maintaining uptime to your users. They are empowering YOU with the responsibility of your data. The misconception that Microsoft fully backs up your data on your behalf is quite common, and without a shift in mindset, could have damaging repercussions when this responsibility is left unattended.

Ultimately, you need to ensure you have access to, and control over, your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business data.

6 reasons why backing up Office 365 is critical

As a robust and highly capable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Microsoft Office 365 fits the needs of many organisations perfectly. Office 365 provides application Availability and uptime to ensure your users never skip a beat, but an Office 365 backup can protect you against many other security threats.

You or your boss might be thinking, “The recycle bin is probably good enough.” This is where many people get it wrong. The average length of time from data compromise to discovery is over 140 days.

A shockingly large gap. The likelihood is high that you won’t notice something is missing or gone until it’s too late for the recycle bin.

By talking with hundreds of IT professionals across the globe who have migrated to Office 365, six vulnerabilities in data protection rise to the top:

Six vulnerabilities in data protection


Go ahead and take a closer look. There are security gaps you may not have been aware of before.
You already made a smart business decision by deploying Microsoft Office 365, now find a backup solution that offers you both complete access and complete control of your Office 365 data and avoid the unnecessary risks of data loss.

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