November 28, 2022

Employee spotlight – Paula White, Acutest

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Employee spotlight – Paula White

Meet the people who have made Acutest what it is today in our commemorative interview series as we celebrate two decades of assurance and testing. 

Since its launch in 2002, Acutest has grown as a market-leading testing consultancy business specialising in testing software, business processes and IT. This year marks twenty years of Acutest and we are celebrating by shining a light on the talented consultants who make Acutest what it is. Acutest is a close-knit community of consultants built on mutual respect, creating a shared learning environment for everyone. It is these people and their dedication that makes Acutest what it is today.

To mark this year’s milestone, we caught up with Paula White, Assurance Consultant, who has been part of the Acutest team for around 8 years.

Let’s hear from Paula!

Hi Paula, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I live in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire with my partner of 28 years – We have a 26-year-old daughter, Shannon. She is registered blind and has a guide dog called Indy. We support Brain Tumour Research as our daughter was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour when she was 9 years old.

Though the tumour is benign, it has resulted in her losing sight in her right eye and half of her left. She has no peripheral vision and has been certified blind. She has undergone many operations and still has regular scans because this tumour does not go away, through it all she has been resilient and she is so upbeat and positive, I am in awe of her.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, catching up with friends and going out to dinner. I enjoy holidays by the coast, as I love to walk by the sea plus it is great to see Indy run free on the beach!

“The variety of clients and industries we get to work with plus everyone at Acutest supports each other which is brilliant. It is a bit cliche, but we are really like a family. Many of our team members are celebrating milestones this year, which to me shows that we are a unique and nurturing community.”

Paula White, Acutest 

How long have you been at Acutest?

All in all, for eight years, I had a gap of two years but came back as Acutest is a great place to work with amazing people.

What does your job entail?

Helping our clients with their testing to make sure it is fit for purpose and cost-effective by applying the Acutest principles and practices. We also can go into clients and do a Test Improvement Review to ensure they are making the most of their testing capabilities and make recommendations for improvements.

What do you most enjoy about working for Acutest?

The variety of clients and industries we get to work with plus everyone at Acutest supports each other which is brilliant. It is a bit cliche, but we are really like a family. Many of our team members are celebrating milestones this year, that to me shows that we are a unique and nurturing community.

What was the most challenging project you worked on?

Probably the one I was assigned to when I started at Acutest, it was for a telecoms provider within three weeks of joining I found myself in India for two weeks! It was my first role as a consultant, so lots to learn and navigate with some international travel. My account manager at the time was very supportive so though I was thousands of miles away I did not feel alone.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Paula!

Championing our employees at Acutest

At Acutest, we continue to value our employees and encourage collaboration and professional development, with regular social events.  Recently we published our employee satisfaction results for 2021 where an overwhelming 94% of Acutest employees felt they belonged within the Acutest family, 26% above the UK national average. We are deeply proud of these results and we look forward to what the next chapter holds for Acutest.

Like what you’re reading?

We are looking for bright, enthusiastic consultants to join us on a wide variety of projects across our high-profile client base. You will have the opportunity to work hands-on within functional test projects, creating and executing test cases, but also to gain experience with cutting-edge tools and technologies. You will work across multiple industry sectors and disciplines, so will need a consultative nature and be able to collaborate with individuals of varying levels of technical knowledge. Many of the projects you will be involved in will enable leading blue-chip businesses to demonstrate the productivity of their systems and websites. A majority of these are in the public eye, so will give you the professional satisfaction of being able to see the results of your work in action. 

Written by Julia Bluckert.

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