FastTrack Ready from Trustmarque allows you to deploy and adopt certain Microsoft 365 workloads faster. Microsoft Office is a long-established suite of workplace tools which was refreshed and revitalised when Microsoft created Office 365. Office 365 bought together the traditional Office software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and merged these with collaboration tools including SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote and Teams. Office 365 sits alongside Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) within a larger suite of services known as Microsoft 365.

This has transformed the way organisations and their users work together, enabling more collaboration, making the workplace more accessible and changing the way people interact and deliver their work by utilising powerful apps such as Teams and Power BI.

However, making the most of your organisation’s investment can be a challenge, that is where FastTrack Ready from Trustmarque can help.

Why use FastTrack Ready?

FastTrack Ready from Trustmarque is designed to speed up the time it takes to deploy certain workloads within Microsoft 365 and shorten user adoption times so that your people can use their software tools quicker and more effectively. Our team of FastTrack managers will work closely with you to understand how you intend to use the service and ensure you meet your organisation’s objectives.

Our (Fast)Track record

We have extensive experience in successfully delivering FastTrack Ready engagements. In fact, we’ve helped over 50 organisations to deliver more than 400 separate workloads, and counting.

Successful Mircosoft 365 delivered workloads

Why use Trustmarque for FastTrack

If the numbers don’t speak for themselves, here’s  more key reasons to choose us to assist with your Microsoft 365 deployment and adoption:

  • We offer assistance over and above the standard remote service. We can provide on-site expertise when and where necessary, although this is not usually required.
  • We tailor your FastTrack Ready experience to your organisation’s bespoke requirements.
  • Our portfolio of Professional Services ensure that we can provide additional solutions to negate any obstacles that may inhibit or delay the deployment and adoption of your chosen workloads.
  • FastTrack Ready is only one facet of the services we provide. By understanding your immediate need to use FastTrack we can support you with your long term plans and help you shape your Digital Transformation strategy.

How FastTrack with Trustmarque works?

Working closely with the Microsoft FastTrack Centre, we will assess and migrate all eligible Office 365 services and enable Enterprise Mobility +Security services (Intune, Azure Active Directory Premium).

There is a minimum criteria that has to be met to gain FastTrack funding such as minimum number of Microsoft 365 licenses (usually 150) and the type of workload. Your Trustmarque account manager can quickly assess this for you or you can use our eligibility checker to find out for yourself.

FastTrack uses a collaborative approach between all parties; your organisation’s IT team, us and the Microsoft FastTrack Centre. This removes work for your organisation’s IT team and ensures you get the most value from the Microsoft cloud services.

Your dedicated Trustmarque FastTrack Manager will take your teams through the implementation and deployment of your desired Microsoft 365 workloads. Your FastTrack Manager will provide remote advice and guidance which will upskill your teams in elements of Microsoft 365.

What next?

If you want to find out more before making a commitment then you can book a preliminary consultation or complete the eligibility checker below and someone will be in touch.

Find out right now if your FastTrack ready?

Our FastTrack eligibility checker is designed to give you a quick and easy view to see if you are eligible* for the FastTrack service.

*Certain minimum criteria must be met see below.

FastTrack eligibility checker

As a part of the application process, there will be further questions that need to be answered to check your eligibility, but our FastTrack manager will go through these with you on the onboarding call. We need your contact details so one of our FastTrack Managers can arrange a call to set up the onboarding meeting.

Two things you must have:

  1. A minimum number of 150 Microsoft 365 licenses (Office 365, Windows 10, EMS), bought through Trustmarque or another company (1000 for educational organisations).
  2. Features of Office 365 and/or EM+S you want to start using, such as Teams, Yammer or SharePoint

Please note:

  • If you pay charitable pricing for Microsoft licenses, unfortunately, you are not eligible for FastTrack assistance
  • Organisations with less than 500 licenses are only eligible for guidance and not migration services
  • If you have more than 150 staff but less than 150 licenses, increasing the number of licenses above 150 may improve your eligibility
  • Licenses must be of the same subscription, for example, 150 E3 Office 365 or 500 Intune.