Cyber-attacks take many forms and the criminals behind them do not discriminate, they attack any organisation, no matter who they are or what they do. Hackers are clever and are continually becoming more sophisticated. One of the most “popular” types of attack is ransomware attack.

Ransomware is theft and blackmail

The premise behind a ransomware attack is quite simple. The hackers get into your system, possibly via a Trojan hidden in an email attachment or infecting a device using unsecured WI-FI. Once in, their program steals or encrypts your files denying you access and then you receive their demand for payment, usually in bitcoins, for the release of your property.

Fighting back both in the cloud and on-premise

Trustmarque and Sophos have teamed up to produce a webinar on how you can take steps to combat Ransomware and a new approach to endpoint protection.

The webinar will show you:

  • How endpoint threats have evolved over recent years
  • The 2017 threat landscape – know what you’re up against
  • Demonstration of how Intercept X and Endpoint Exploit Prevention work to protect your business from advanced, zero-day attacks.

Watch the webinar

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