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So, you’ve already switched to a cloud-native Microsoft Azure Sentinel infrastructure for your business some time ago, and now you’ve heard about how Managed Detection Response (MDR) can further safeguard against cyber attacks. 

Here we quash the four most common misconceptions we’re hearing from clients in the current climate and help you cement your security posture: 

1. “We’ve already got a shortage of skilled analysts protecting from within our organisation, adding MDR into the mix will over-stretch them”. 

Not true, they will thank you for it. We know that outdated cloud solutions and overstretched security professionals tasked with infrastructure set up and maintenance, are a recipe for cyber humiliation.  Because of this we are here to help you to empower your existing Security Operations teams to see potential threats before they become an attack. This eliminates the background noise and helps them to stay focused on the task in hand. 

Our MDR Service is an advanced SOC and SIEM service powered by the next generation of Microsoft tools and Azure Sentinel, monitored around the clock by expert analysts. This means delivering best practice in security and minimising your risks 24×7. 

2. “MDR won’t give us value for money, so we won’t bother”. 

Actually, recent trends show customers are opting for the efficiency of consolidating to Microsoft. Making the most of both pricing and features whilst keeping on top of rapidly evolving cyber-attacks.

That’s why we offer a complete 24×7 service which will reduce the Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time To Respond (MTTR). These cut the response times to cyber security incident down to a couple of seconds. With a broad uptake of Microsoft Security tools such as Defender, MCAS and Azure Information Protection, these services will significantly reduce the cost, time and effort in dealing with a cyber-attack. Meaning you get back up and running quicker.

3. “After the pandemic, we will all go back to working in offices and our digital estate will be more resilient anyway”.

It is true that change is upon us again, but we cannot forget that cyber threats have increased exponentially in the last year. In March 2020, we found ourselves thrust on a digital trajectory where workforces and organisations became dispersed. Organisations were tasked with transferring their process and productivity onto virtual platforms. This invariably exposed digital weak spots and laid bare Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products under strain. Due to this, these products struggled to keep up with the cloud native evolution and threw up many challenges.  

Now, as we dust ourselves off, organisations across the globe prepare to embrace the ‘new normal’; with hybrid working and blended virtual teams looking like they are here to stay; cyber resilience has never been more critical in maintaining these reputations. And that is why we are here to help you future proof your organisation and to pull the drawbridge up on cyber criminals during this transition. 

4. “We already have Azure Sentinel, we don’t need MDR”. 

Not quite – in fact, we are bringing you the next generation, cloud native, Managed Detection and Response Service built on Azure Sentinel. This is Microsoft’s industry leading SIEM, Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR), Defender Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) unified security platform. 

Teams often manage too many separate tools for each of these, which can be expensive, difficult to integrate, and ultimately create inefficiencies. Azure Sentinel uses Fusion technology, providing scalable learning algorithms that correlate anomalous activities into high fidelity detections of anomalous activity and detections of multistage attacks.  

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By Julia Bluckert, content with content