Looking to speed up, expand and modernise your existing Storage arrays but don’t want to invest in legacy tech?

With IBM FlashSystem you can significantly improve what you already have quickly, simply and cost effectively.

And with our unique customer first approach combined with being fluent in everything IBM – there’s never been a better time to consider this than now.

What is IBM’s FlashSystem?

IBM FlashSystem family allows selection of the innovations and enterprise-class features specifically required for each deployment scenario.

So the refresh, modernise and speeding up of your storage can be easily and professionally delivered with Trustmarque’s experts deploying IBM FlashSystems in front of your existing storage arrays without the risk, disruption and high costs associated with full replacement.

Why should you consider FlashSystem?

Imagine being able to accelerate, simplify, expand and extend the life of your existing storage platforms, while also being able to gradually migrate to a modern platform in your own time – mitigating the expense, initial capex investment cost of a full upgrade or refresh all at once.

And if that isn’t enough of a boost to your ambitions – it can all happen without the complexity and tech talk jargon that often make the whole process a great deal more challenging than it needs to be.

Talk to us today

If you are being challenged to optimise IT to drive growth without sacrificing performance, quality or security, talk to Trustmarque about how the IBM FlashSystem family has everything needed to address infrastructure transformation.

It’s the best way to deliver a simple effective storage experience that’s easy to manage and extremely resilient – with automated insights and diagnostics, responsive support, and pre-tested “blueprints” to be a genuinely fast and easy to deploy hybrid cloud environment, right out of the box.

This kind of boost to your business is why at Trustmarque, IT is all about you.