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How to achieve scalable storage for hybrid multi-cloud environments with IBM FlashSystem

As data continues to grow both in quantity and value, it is important to invest in smart storage solutions that will allow you to scale up, secure and access your data whenever you need it.

And with organisations increasingly adopting a hybrid multi-cloud strategy, the need for a storage platform that can bring all your data together in a safe environment, becomes crucial. Not least to simplify your storage estate, but also to ensure that accessing data becomes a useful tool and not a hurdle to progress.

Dave Williams, Trustmarque’s Partner Manager for IBM takes a look at the latest developments in IBM’s FlashSystem storage portfolio and how flash technology can help to overcome some of the common hurdles in data storage.

IBM FlashSystem – a simplification in storage design

“The simplification of the IBM Storage portfolio means a single FlashSystem family built on a common software platform providing the same APIs and the same management across on premises and in the cloud,” Eric Burgener, Research Vice President for Infrastructure Systems at IDC, via IBM.

As we all know, different businesses have different requirements and even different applications. A single business may need specific needs, entry points, performance, scalability and availability. This is a challenge in itself: how do you introduce all that into a single solution? The answer is IBM FlashSystem.

The IBM FlashSystem storage family is a radical simplification of IBM’s primary block storage options. They cover all use cases, from the largest enterprise to the smallest lines of business within an organisation. FlashSystem is a single, all-flash storage platform designed to simplify your storage infrastructure, reduce complexity, and cut costs. At the same time, continuing to deliver extensive innovation for your enterprise-class storage solutions and hybrid multi-cloud environments.

IBM’s latest FlashSystem family includes various models that span the performance capacity curve. IBM Flash offers the same management, support, and operational capabilities. With the latest advanced functionality, the storage systems are designed to enable businesses to overcome their storage challenges – from scalability and security to ease and speed of access to data.

The new Family starts with the FlashSystem 5000. It’s an easy-to-buy, easy-to-deploy, and easy-to-grow hybrid storage solution. If we move on to the FlashSystem 5100, it has the added technological advantages of NV Me, clustering and external virtualization. The features and functionality range all the way up to the IBM FlashSystem 9200R, a rack-based storage solution engineered to reduce deployment time while providing pbs of high-performance, cost-efficient storage and extraordinary system bandwidth. It has ultra-low latency, fantastic configuration flexibility, and is enterprise-class.

Competitive pricing is driving demand for Flash

While priced competitively against other storage vendors, the question still remains: is IBM is expensive? That has always been what customers thought of IBM. However, in 2020 IBM has developed and priced the new Flash so competitively that customers are now outstripping supply. That competitive pricing makes it particularly suitable for small to medium sized businesses and a strong contender for your storage needs as you look to make greater IT modernisation in 2021.

Discover the power of IBM Flash Systems

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IBM Flash Systems

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