By now, Apple is synonymous with slick design, mind-blowing tech and an intuitive, user-friendly operating experience. It is a user experience that is hard to beat.

However, that seamless and satisfying Apple experience we’ve come to love, and expect, can be ruined if enterprise companies rely solely on traditional mobile device management (MDM) solutions to manage their Apple estate.

Where the standard MDM solutions fall short is in their capacity for security, automation, efficiency and experience. From a security perspective the implications can be costly. Limitations and risks include not being able to guarantee safe access to the resources needed for employees to be productive and self-sufficient, as well as not being able to ensure protection and privacy across your devices, data and users.

The rise of remote working and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives has seen many employees opting for Apple. However, these devices require management that is designed specifically for their operating systems. Your enterprise default probably won’t cut it.

Introducing scalable, automated, secure management for all your Apple devices

Jamf is the only Apple Enterprise Management solution of scale that helps enterprise organisations to connect, manage and protect Apple products, apps and corporate resources – automating the entire lifecycle management process. It goes beyond basic management to fill the gap between what Apple offers and what the enterprise business requires, making sure that the end-user experience is never compromised.

Jamf preserves the native, consistent Apple experience that people demand at work, while fulfilling the security, compliance and privacy needs of the enterprise. And with ‘zero touch’ deployment, there’s no physical intervention needed from your IT teams. Another step and another barrier removed.

As the market-leader in Apple Enterprise Management, Jamf delivers:

  • Zero-touch deployment – deploy devices to any employee, anywhere, with automated enrolment and configuration
  • Identity based access – multi-factor authentication provides secure and seamless access to a user’s applications and business profile
  • On demand curated resources – empower users to troubleshoot common issues on their own through a self-service portal packed with resources
  • Remote device management – leverage advanced workflows through remote management and the use of configuration profiles, policies, smart targeting and scripts to automate Apple device management
  • Threat prevention and remediation – real-time alerts on-device help analyse activity and proactively block, isolate or remediate threats. Prevent known macOS malware.
  • A full roster of management options – Jamf also allows for seamless inventory, app, and security management

Discover Jamf solutions with Trustmarque

Jamf Gold Reseller

Trustmarque is a Jamf Gold Partner, the highest-level partner status, and an approved Apple Reseller. Working together we deliver effective and secure Apple device management with a full range of management solution. As we see customers diversify their choices in hardware and devices, it’s important to offer a modern workplace offering that facilitates zero-touch device deployment and secure device management.

Discover more and take control

To take your Apple device management to the next level visit the Jamf partner page or talk to your Trustmarque Account Manager

By Katherine Murphy, content enthusiast