Last week saw our IT at the Ritz event, where we brought together specialist vendors InfiniteIO, Pure Storage and Cloudian to cover all things hybrid cloud.

The experts showed a high-level approach on each of the following issues to make practical and sensible suggestions to meet the challenges and debunk the myths associated with the hybrid cloud.

Here’s what our attendees gained from the event;

– Cost control – how to maximise existing IT investments

– Performance – a myth busting session on latency and reliability

– Security – all the latest tips for safely securing data

– Management – how to achieve huge efficiency gains

The day began with an introduction from our storage expert Mick Powell, who gave an overview of how and why InfiniteIO, Cloudian and Pure Storage technologies complement each other, then it was down to the vendors who all gave an insightful view of why organisations should adopt hybrid cloud storage.

A hybrid approach makes sense for the majority of organisations as it allows them to retain control of their IT environments, keep critical workloads and applications on-premises, whilst taking advantage of cloud services where it makes business sense. This enables organisations to take advantage of the cost benefits, flexibility, scalability and ease of management that the public cloud offers.

Pure Storage
Patrick Smith – Field CTO EMEA – talked through their latest innovations in Fast Data including;
• FLASHARRAY™ a powerful storage infrastructure that contains only flash memory drives instead of spinning-disk drives
• Cloud Block Store for AWS, providing DR, Backup and migration in and between clouds
• Object Engine, Industry’s First F2F2C Platform for Data Protection
• FLASHBLADE™, the industry’s first data hub for storage infrastructure

Mark Cree – Founder and CEO – gave a presentation on Making Hybrid Cloud Storage Simple and Fast, in which he discussed;
• Challenges of Integrating Cloud Storage into Existing Workflows
• The role of Memory-Based Metadata Acceleration & Consolidation
• Initiatives for True Hybrid Cloud Storage
• How InfiniteIO can provide scalebale, fast and simplified cloud storage solutions

Adam Dagnall – System Engineering Director, EMEA – revealed their HyperStore solution
• The role of Data in fuelling the transformation to digital enterprise
• The challenges of capacity, complexity and growth
• The importance of on-premise storage in a hybrid world
• Introduction to Cloudian HyperStore including key features and benefits such as S3 compatibility, Policy Based Data Protection & Consistency Settings, multi-cloud and hybrid support and multiple deployment options

Chris Mellor
Finding Golden Needles
An inspiring talk on the raid progression of hybrid cloud in archiving, DR and data backup. He also discussed the role of metadata acceleration in achieving future-ready data storage.

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