September 14, 2021

IT’s Game on: BizApps and Robotic Process Automation go head to head

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The story so far

You may already be familiar with our BizApps consultancy service which since 2020 has been driving forward your digital transformation through augmenting Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. There’s no denying that BizApps has revolutionised the Microsoft Power Platform landscape for Trustmarque customers, unleashing the potential of teams, data, and processes.

If you’re new to the BizApps game, you can take a look at some of our client case studies to see how organisations like yours have experienced a whole new level of business performance with Trustmarque.

BizApps and Automation work hand in hand to bring the best of both, beautiful, dynamic, responsive user apps and interfaces (BizAppscombined with the efficiency gains of simplifying and providing standardised routines (Automation) – Seb Burrell – Customer Success Manager & Power Platform Lead 

Fascinated with automated?

We’ve heard from clients that the boundaries between BizApps and its sibling offering, Automation, can be confusing and somewhat blurred. Therefore, we’re seizing the opportunity to demystify what BizApps consultancy is and what it isn’t.

Alongside BizApps, we will showcase our recently overhauled Intelligent Automation offering to show you other routes to super-charge your digital transformation.

Spot the difference

If you’re not already in the know, then allow us to enlighten you. Automation is an umbrella term used to describe a broad range of software and tools whose common goal is to remove the need to sit and manually complete those tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing a machine to do it for you.

This allows you and your business to focus on what you are best at! Here at Trustmarque, we believe that any task that involves human interaction with a computer, software or application provides an opportunity for automation, whether complete or working alongside you and accelerate productivity.

So, with that in mind, what exactly is the difference between BizApps and Automation? And more importantly, what can they do for your organisation?

  • Table to show the difference between BizApps and Automation
  • A diagram showing how BizApps and Automation work together

Why Automate with Trustmarque?

We’re experts at finding the best solutions for the most critical business challenges and deploying applications & automation at scale.

Our digital transformation methodology is modular, meaning whether you’re looking to set up an enterprise-wide automation Centre of Excellence or simply want to understand how we can deliver value for your organisation, we’ll work with you to achieve your goals and help you understand what’s possible.

We partner with you to establish an automation strategy that reflects the needs of your organisation, supporting you to identify, design, develop, and deploy automation effortlessly.

Take a look at our Intelligent Automation hub to discover more.

Automation at ConnectIT 2021

If you’re hungry for more automation, then why not sign up to our automation deep-dive session at this year’s ConnectIT event?

Automation Specialist, Luke Griffiths, will be hosting a session on Tuesday 19 October at 10am: “Let’s make it easier to automate, but where to start?” He will show attendees how to start a successful automation programme and identify the right use cases for your organisation. You’ll have the opportunity to ask the experts, like Luke and Seb throughout via live Q&As. We are with you to shape your 2022 goals and objectives.

Sign up now on the ConnectIT site

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Written by Julia Bluckert, Content and Communications Manager at Trustmarque