The increasing demand on storage solutions is driving organisations to consider adopting a hybrid multi-cloud strategy – a storage platform with all your data in a consolidated safe environment.

And in addition to simplifying your storage estate, this strategy crucially ensures that accessing data becomes an empowering process rather than a hurdle to progress.

Why now is the time to act

However, as with many technologies vendors want you to adopt, there is complexity and jargon that really just makes the decision making process more difficult than it needs to be. What businesses today need more than anything else is technology that delivers on their specific requirements – and there’s never been a time when the opportunity to tailor specifically to business needs has been more possible.

Nor has there ever been an organisation more dedicated to delivering this without the unnecessary complexity and jargon that so many in our industry seem to rely on. That’s where the smart decision to work with specialists who are 100% fluent in everything IBM really pays off.

Why Trustmarque and IBM?

At Trustmarque we have deployed successful IBM’s solutions across a diverse range of challenging industries, from utilities to financial institutions, education to listed multi-nationals for years – it’s why we are confident we can develop and implement the perfect storage solution with the most appropriate elements of the IBM FlashSystem storage family every time.

Why should you consider FlashSystem?

Designed to deliver industry-leading performance and cost-efficiency, FlashSystem all-flash and hybrid-flash arrays simplify hybrid cloud storage for organisations of all sizes. Each member of this comprehensive family faster, smarter and more affordable storage solutions provide enterprise-grade capabilities, and refreshingly they’re not just for big businesses either.

And the smartness doesn’t end there – in addition to the ability to be added to an existing storage array/set up, IBM FlashSystems also enable a ‘single pane of glass’ visibility across all storage (rather than needing to view them all individually) to provide intelligent insights to simplify management and allow you to predict/prevent problems and diagnose thanks to pro-active analytics.

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We promise to be smart not rely on tech talk to sound it!