October 17, 2022

Kallum Beazley, Healthcare Client Manager

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Lewis Fox

Kallum Beazley

Healthcare Client Manager

Date Joined: January 2017

Tell me about your background and why you joined Trustmarque?

I joined Trustmarque as a Graduate, with extremely limited experience in the IT sector. Prior to joining I was a sports Therapist moonlighting as a barman, as a student I spent a summer installing internet to music festival site, giving wi-fi to dressing rooms, and card machines to bars etc. I joined Trustmarque as IT piques my interest, understanding how a piece of technology can make such a difference is a big draw for me.

Tell me about your current role?

I’m a Client Manager within the Healthcare team; this means I have a patch of accounts with varying levels of investment and it’s my job to hold the relationships and introduce them to our capabilities across the whole Trustmarque portfolio. This ranges from large software contracts such as Microsoft Enterprise Agreements to bespoke consultancy projects and managed services.

What other trends are you seeing in the sector/with customers?

Data has been spoken about in the technology channels for years, but it’s definitely come to the forefront within the NHS. The introduction of Integrated Care Systems has seen a real mix of organisations come under one roof, in order to better serve their mutual population. With the NHS pushing for patient centric care and population health management, this means that data sharing and integration is becoming more and more key. With it we get the full picture of what’s happening within a locality, and seeing what measures can be put in place in the community to reduce hospital admission rates, with the ultimate goal being to lighten the load on our hospitals.

What are your ambitions and where do you see yourself next?

I have two directions of progression in mind, and I’m still deciding of the right path for me. One is continuing on to become a Senior Client Manager, building my customer relationships and trust, allowing me to become that trusted advisor with greater support coming from across the business. The other is a more solution-specific route, allowing me to specialise in a technology area that interests me. We’ll see what the future holds.

What more would you say about the culture at Trustmarque?

With all our colleagues now being remote, ensuring we have that cohesion and are still feel that we are working as a team is vital, and we’re seeing changes with initiatives like summer socials, and other in-person events. It’s really good to see our culture evolving after the pandemic.

Three words to describe Trustmarque: Specialists. Challenging. Competent.

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