For a number of years, the healthcare system in the UK has been under constant pressure from two factors: 1) an increasing and ageing population, and 2) centrally imposed financial pressures to reduce spending and tackle deficits. All of this set against a background of maintaining the high-quality service the British public demand.

According to NHS Confederation, the NHS deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours, that’s the entire UK population (64.6 million in 2014) seen in less than 100 days. However, advances in analytical technologies are helping Healthcare organisations identify areas for improvement in a sustainable, affordable and achievable manner.

Trustmarque (Part of Capita plc) is working with NHS Trusts and Boards around the country to deliver improved safety and efficiency through the use of predictive analytics and machine learning. Our approach combines Microsoft’s Power BI and Cortana Intelligence suite with a methodical approach to bring about real change.

Using these Microsoft technologies we can identify where improvements can be made to processes, non-medical procedures, and to the way ordinary staff work. For example:

  • Reduce the number of ‘do not attends’ for appointments by allocating more appropriate times for certain demographics – i.e. a Wednesday afternoon instead of a Monday morning for an 18-year-old male student.
  • Reduce ambulance fuel consumption by identifying ‘hotspots’ and station vehicles closer to them, or creating best routes to take to A&E depending on the time of day.
  • Reduce pressure on operating theatres by making the most of the existing theatres taking into consideration things like non-clinical preparation times and standard operation times per surgeon.

NHS Trusts and Boards often find it difficult to transform insights into an effective change in staff behaviours and processes. This can make it difficult to invest in technology without strong evidence of tangible benefits. At Trustmarque we have created a programme of work designed to ensure that each and every analytical insight is systematically proven to implement safe process changes that deliver measured costs savings and safety benefits.

By doing it this way, budget holders can be sure of return on investment and significant savings can be used to fund further improvements. Thereby leading the way to maximise efficiencies across many areas within an NHS organisation. Furthermore, the brilliance of the Cortana Intelligence Suite is that it is not just a one-time project but it is a constant. As new data is added then new predictions can be learnt and acted upon therefore continually reducing wastage in resources and costs.

To help our customers understand how analytics can change their organisation we are offering an introductory Analytics Everywhere workshop as a standalone demonstration or as part of a more in-depth Data Analytics Readiness Assessment. For more information contact us directly at [email protected].