In a year of accelerated technological innovation and digital transformation, Trustmarque’s key technology partners are fast developing and evolving their portfolios to meet shifting market demand.

VMware is one of our core strategic partners who has announced several additions to their portfolio during Q4 2020, revealing fresh and updated solutions to meet the growing demand for remote working, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions.

In this post, Trustmarque’s Alliances Manager for VMware Jonathan Sutcliffe reveals the key updates and incentives from VMware and how Trustmarque can support.

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Jonathan Sutcliffe

Updates to VMware Multi-cloud services

Azure VMware Solutions

It’s been in the pipeline for a while, but VMware finally announced at VMworld last month month general availability in the UK for Azure VMware Solutions (AVS). AVS is a Microsoft Azure service, endorsed by VMware, that allows VMware customers to extend or migrate their on-premise VMware workloads into the Microsoft Azure public cloud. Similar to VMware cloud on AWS, now around for the last couple of years. AVS enables organisations to modernise their VMware workloads, without impacting the investments they’ve already made in VMware environments.

Trustmarque is a leading partner of both Microsoft and VMware, and I think there’s a lot of excitement around the possibilities of AVS. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to alter their cloud strategy, with the move to public cloud being accelerated for many private and public sector organisations. For those who are making the move to Azure with a VMware on-premise footprint, AVS is a compelling offering which Trustmarque’s Azure architects are poised to support with.

Tanzu support for VMware Cloud on AWS

On the VMware Cloud on AWS front, the latest update comes via Tanzu support. Tanzu is VMware’s portfolio of Kubernetes products and services designed for modernising applications and infrastructure (more about this in the modern applications section). Support for VMware Tanzu will centralise operations and management of Kubernetes clusters for VMware.

Updates to VMware Modern Datacentre and Applications

VMware is placing greater emphasis than ever before on modern applications. Through acquisitions of organisations such as Pivotal, Bitnami and Heptio, VMware has established themselves as a key player in the emergence of Kubernetes. Their vision is enabling organisations to modernise their applications and infrastructure.

vSphere 7 and Tanzu

Tanzu is now fully integrated into vSphere 7, allowing VMware users to run both virtualised and containerised workloads through a single platform. For a limited time, you can upgrade your vSphere environment to incorporate Tanzu basic at a reduced rate with Trustmarque. VMware is offering a 50% discount off list price, providing existing vSphere customers the opportunity to get started with kubernetes at an exceptional cost entry.  You can find out more on the VMware website. Please talk to your Trustmarque Account Manager or contact us for more info.

Project Monterey

Another key development here is Project Monterey. At VMworld 2019, VMware announced Project Pacific, a re-architecture of VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to deeply integrate Kubernetes into the fabric of vSphere. A year later and VMware has announced a continuation of the re-architecture started by Project Pacific, this time focused on hardware architecture, know as Project Monterey. Project Monterey leverages a new hardware technology called SmartNIC to deliver maximum performance, zero-trust security, and simplified operations to VCF deployments.

Intrinsic Security

VMware has also invested heavily in ingraining intrinsic security into their product set. The rise in home working has brought about new challenges for organisations, with a heightened need to ensure that remote workers are safely and securely utilising company workloads remotely.

Helping customers more effectively secure their virtual workloads is a critical objective for VMware. As part of that strategy, they are offering a free trial of VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload Essentials to current vSphere customers through to April 2021. More information is available on the VMware website. However, please speak with your Trustmarque Account Manager or contact us to learn more about this excellent promotion.

VMware partner

Trustmarque and VMware – Discover more

For more information on VMware products and solutions visit the VMware partner page.  You can also speak with your Trustmarque account manager or contact myself at [email protected].

VMware at ConnectIT LIVE 2.0

VMware is presenting at Trustmarque ConnectIT LIVE 2.0 on Wednesday 04 November at 10:00 am. Join Lee Dilworth, Chief Technologist Cloud Platform EMEA, for a presentation onFoundation First, Building your Hybrid Cloud Platform for ALL Applications’

Lee Dilworth, VMware