Trustmarque launches a new e-book on datacentre security explores how a multi-layered defence strategy will protect your shifting perimeter.

Taking a holistic view of cyber security

Fluidity in ways of working alongside a hybrid and agile approach to application hosting has shifted the traditional security perimeter.

As more and more organisations embrace flexible and remote working, the people perimeter – a first line of defence – has evolved, while also becoming susceptible to new challenges.  We’re also witnessing a greater mix of applications hosted between private cloud, whether on-site or hosted by a third party, and public cloud. There is no longer a rigid way of working where everything fits into nice, neat boxes or is internally hosted and stored. Your datacentre security is becoming increasingly complex.

Cyber security firms are continually developing solutions to meet the changing needs of datacentre security. But an isolated solution will not protect a shifting, evolving perimeter – you need a multi-layered defence.

Security for the Modern Datacentre

There are no perimeters anymore ebook

The changing landscape

The workplace, and indeed the working world, has become more fluid. If the COVID-19 pandemic teaches us anything it’s that, with the right infrastructure and technology, people can work anywhere.

This opens up a whole host of new challenges for organisations to protect their data, devices and users. If compromised:

  • Data can be stolen, exploited, and can’t be replaced
  • Without fully operational devices users can’t work
  • And if users’ accounts are compromised, they can be locked out of systems and criminals can creep in

Today most organisations use some form of cloud application usually Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM or a website content management system (CMS) to name a few. Other services such as Platform-as-a-Services (PaaS) like Azure SQL are a popular choice. PaaS provides a good way to manage costs and “outsource” security updates and patches, resilience and back-up of these services to cloud providers.

These as-a-service solutions have many benefits including cost efficiencies and ease of use for administrators. However, it also means that the old world of perimeter security and Active Directory becomes even more irrelevant, since more apps are actually no longer hosted within the corporate datacentre.

A Multipronged Defence

In our latest eBook, Neel Dev, Cloud Practice Lead at Trustmarque, explains the current risks, common attack scenarios and how taking a multi-layered defence approach can stop cyber-attacks.

He writes: “The best way to defend against more and more sophisticated attacks is to recognise that we will be attacked and penetrated as an organisation at some point. By having multiple layers between a hacker and corporate data, we can stop the movement of a hacker or malicious code/software through the organisation at one layer if others have been compromised.”

To read more download the full eBook on datacentre security – There are no more perimeters.

Multi-layered defence approach

In the era of Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft 365 and remote working, where does the security perimeter wrap around a business?

In this eBook you will learn about:

The interplay between legacy and cloud native applications

Taking a multipronged defence

What could a potential defence stack look like