NHS and Microsoft strike a landmark deal, to unite and create a joined-up National Health Service.

On 15th June 2020, Microsoft announced an agreement with NHS Digital and NHSX to provide access and a pathway to the adoption of Microsoft’s latest product suite. The agreement encompasses a range of bespoke Office 365 and Microsoft 365 subscriptions to unlock features which will increase mobility, agility, and security that has been vital throughout the restrictions of Covid-19.

Microsoft highlighted in their announcement, ”As part of the agreement, Microsoft 365 will be deployed to as many as 1.2 million staff across NHS organisations, including Trusts, CCGs, and health Informatics Services, creating a truly joined-up NHS. Staff will be able to communicate more effectively and will have access to the information, applications, and services they need, reducing the administrative burden on staff, and improving patient safety”.

What is in the new NHS agreement?

The new agreement builds on the technology foundation offered by previous agreements for NHS Mail and Windows 10 to help drive and support the adoption of these modern technology tools to improve and enhance the health care services offered by the NHS.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of State said:

“Adopting the most up to date digital tools and operating systems are crucial for a modern day NHS – allowing staff to work as efficiently as possible which will deliver even better care for patients.

“We have seen incredible, innovative uses of technology throughout the NHS during the covid-19 pandemic and this new deal with Microsoft will pave the way for that to continue by ensuring we get the basics right.”

The agreement will provide the ability to use existing NHSMail login credentials to access a wider range of online services enabling more effective and efficient communication, such as the sharing of cutting edge healthcare techniques, and also help to reduce administrative tasks that distract from patient care.

“GPs, consultants, nurses, therapists, paramedics, and support staff, will have access to services within Microsoft 365, ensuring they are able to use tools such as Microsoft Teams, which will enable staff to collaborate more effectively through instant messaging, audio and video calls. Microsoft Teams has been used across many NHS organisations to collaborate, share information securely, and support new ways of working during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This agreement is designed to be accessible by all, no matter which stage of your digital transformation journey you are at, for example:

  • Existing customers can benefit from additional discounts
  • Renewing customers can adopt the latest technology
  • New customers can start on their path to online and cloud services

NHS to save hundreds of millions of pounds

This deal will see reduced costs for products such as Office 365, the Enterprise Mobility & Security Suites, Azure Active Directory (aimed at providing mail integration with NHSMail), Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise combined with telephony options. NHS organisations will be able to become cloud-ready or enhance their current solutions while maximising cost savings that the agreement is designed to offer.

“The timing of the agreement coincides with the license renewal period of a number of NHS organisations in England. It also ensures that those NHS organisations that have already made their own arrangements with Microsoft benefit from the deal and the significant cost savings on offer. Local NHS organisations will access the savings via their existing agreements, receiving additional discounts on the products included within the scope of this agreement.”

NHS organisations will gain access to the significant cost savings associated with the agreement via their existing local agreements or by signing new agreements with their preferred License Service Provider. Trustmarque’s extensive experience working with the NHS means we are well placed to offer support and guidance to the many organisations who already view us as their trusted advisor.

Every NHS organisation’s situation is unique

Trustmarque’s approach is always to put our customers and their unique needs at the forefront of our work and advice that we provide. From our experience, we are aware that a one size fits all approach is not always beneficial in this scenario and can often be counterproductive.  By listening to our customers, understanding their specific requirements, their circumstances, and their own unique requirements and roadmaps, we work with them to determine the best specific approach for them to get the best value from this agreement.

There is no out of the box generic solution that fits this agreement, we will treat all our customers on a case by case basis, please speak to your Trustmarque Account Manager or contact us at [email protected] to discuss your own situation and find out what your options are to take maximum advantage of this agreement.