October 25, 2021

On-demand ConnectIT sessions now ready to stream

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On-demand ConnectIT sessions now ready to stream

We’re reliving the moments from another successful ConnectIT live webinar summit last week (19-22 October), when our audiences were taken on a journey that covered topics spanning the end-to-end IT lifecycle from the comfort of their desks.

We delved into the role of powerful tools such as Power Apps and PRISM, to automating processessecurity tips, and cloud and modern IT approaches in the new world – we had plenty on offer to help you refine your 2022 digital transformation strategy. 

Now, we are pleased to announce that our sessions are ready to be streamed at your leisure. Here’s our pick of the best of the best:

Stream innovation content from ConnectIT 2021

Innovate to exterminate attackers on your Hackventure

Jon Hope and Leigh Sunter – Sophos                                               

Half of all UK organisations have been subjected to a ransomware attack, so why not learn how to fight back against emerging attacks in this exclusive Undercover Hackventure Workshop with Sophos? This was an engaging and innovative event that turned the tables to look at the mysterious world of the cybercriminal. Whilst we all know that cybercrime is a very real threat, Jon and Leigh encouraged attendees to stop to consider how a cyber-attack is actually conceived, planned and executed – enter ‘Choose your own Hackventure’.

In this on-demand session you will step over to the dark side and go on a threat hunt, hearing first-hand stories and tactics used by hackers and learn how to prioritise your ransomware defenses. 


One of the best investments you can make is to train your staff on cyber security and resilience. Users are the new target and hackers play to this. More than ever, training is crucial to protect your workforce and your data.

Leigh Sunter, Cybersecurity Specialist at Sophos

Innovative approach from Tanzu to application excellence in a hybrid, multi-cloud world

Ian Harris – VMWare Tanzu                       

How can your organisation take advantage of the agility, flexibility and scale of the cloud, either on-premise or with a hyperscaler, to deliver the applications your staff and external customers need whilst avoiding cloud lock-in and minimising cloud spend? Ian Harris took to the (virtual) stage to guide our audience through the Tanzu approach to building a modern application factory. Tanzu is a unique approach to cloud-native design and delivery, which can be an enormously effective way to support organisations such as large public sector clients and to smaller health authorities, as well as corporate clients.

Thinking of moving to cloud- native? You’re not alone, but with 75% of enterprise users identifying that complexity of implementation and operations as the top blocker to adoption, some are often left out in the cold. Ian gets under the skin of it and discusses how cloud-native can be hard, hugely complex, operational and automatable task, but with the help of Tanzu it doesn’t have to be that way. You can eliminate inefficiencies, pave a consistent path to production, which in turn enables software developers to focus on the next programming task. This ground-up approach to building great software has revolutionised their workloads, building apps in mins or hours, as opposed to weeks.

Watch this session on-demand to see how VMWare Tanzu can drive improvements in broken processes within your business.

“Switching over to cloud-native can be a hard and hugely complex, operational and automatable task. But with the help of Tanzu it doesn’t have to be that way. You can eliminate inefficiencies, pave a consistent path to production, which in turn enables software developers to focus on the next programming task.”

Ian Harris, Modern Application Solution Leader at Tanzu VMWare

Join Lisa on the Edge with Dell’s Innovative Azure Hybrid dreams with Azure Stack HCI

Lisa Clark – Dell

Azure is hybrid by design. Modernize your infrastructure, consolidate your virtualized workloads and gain Azure capability and consistency with the new Azure Stack HCI. This exciting new offering in conjunction with Dell technologies #1 HCI expertise will help to accelerate your Azure Hybrid Journey.

Hear from Lisa, who is passionate about enabling customers to harness the power of hybrid cloud and the intelligent edge talk about the need to bring technical and business functions closer together in order to realise cloud success.

“Cloud is a model, a mindset, a way of operating, not a destination. Focus on your strategy, assess your workloads and identify the platform that best meets your requirements. With hybrid, Dell customers get the best of both worlds.”

Lisa Clark, EMEA Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Strategist at Dell Technologies

Stream automation content from ConnectIT 2021

Take your automation from back-office to real-world experiences 

Luke Griffiths – Trustmarque

Kicking off ConnectIT on Tuesday, Luke’s session looked at how to make it easier to automate not only the repetitive back-office processes in your organisation, but also front of focus public services and where to start. We all know the immense benefits of how automation can make internal HR processes smoother (starters, movers, and leavers), but it can also manipulate end-user and public-facing experiences for the better.  For instance, councils can be notified when waste bins are reaching capacity in city centres or parks. 

Luke delved into how to nurture a successful automation programme by following Trustmarque’s 6 step process and identifying the right use cases for your organisation, from process mining to creating tangible results with measurable ROI. Lack of cohesion and specific ownership is often the death nail for automation projects, but in order to tackle this head on, a key consideration when setting up an automation project is to cast the net far and wide. Process mining should not fall to a single department alone – Luke suggests bringing together an eclectic mix of stakeholders during the ‘build-a-bot’ stage of the automation process to build a strong foundation.

Watch this session on-demand to find out how a diverse mix of viewpoints can craft a future-proofed solution and how to start your automation process. 

“The sky is the limit with automation, it’s no longer confined to back-office process which go unseen. We are now seeing automation improving public experiences on the ground in our communities with local council improvements from monitoring dog-waste bin levels and notifications about clothing bank limits.”

Luke Griffiths – Automation Specialist – Trustmarque 

Automate your application performance with AI decisions

Alec Kemp – Turbonomic

Find yourself in the midst of a datacentre closure, hardware refresh or migration to public cloud? Applications underpin these business operations and performance and in this on-demand session, Alec discusses the operational challenges of managing applications resources and how letting software make the decisions through AI and automation, will continuously assure that applications are always performing.

In today’s application-driven culture, applications need to be always performing for the best customer experiences and business outcomes. Letting software make the decisions through AI and automation will continuously assure that your applications are always performing. In this session uncover how before giving total control to software, IT and application teams need to step away from the traditional methods.

“With Turbonomic, you can improve performance whilst increasing productivity and at the same time leverage unprecedented agility in the public cloud.”

Alec Kemp – Field CTO – Turbonomic

Stream acceleration content from ConnectIT 2021

Living the Microsoft Viva way

Endless days of working from home? Displaced teams adapting to hybrid working? In the hybrid world we are living in, it’s more important than ever to avoid back-to-back meetings during the working day, but that is often easier said than done. That’s where Microsoft Viva comes in. Viva is Microsoft’s new tool for driving employee engagement and improving their working experience. A tool which is intuitive enough to help you block out focus time and work more productively and healthily – to avoid burnout.

When being ever-present from home is the norm for most people still working from home, catching a breath between Teams calls can be a final thought. Not only can it inspire your organisation and unite your teams, but Viva can also give employees and managers feedback on their working patterns, identifying where you may need to book in focus time. Viva is emotionally aware (as much as a piece of software can be!) and can pin-point where users may need to access a curated set of guided meditations and focus music from Headspace. In just a few minutes a day, meditation and mindfulness with Headspace can help you decrease stress and increase focus. This data is provided anonymously to team leaders, and can ensure that the cost of attrition to the business is reduced.

Watch this session with David Davies to see the four components; connections, insights, topics, and learning, can make your organisation a better place to work.

“We often get asked if Viva will kill your intranet platform. The answer is, no – if your intranet is in SharePoint, Viva will amplify it by having it at the top of Teams in a much neater and focal location.  We know that Viva makes Office 365 better – businesses are already seeing increases audience engagement and traffic to their intranet.”

David Davis – Customer Success Manager – Trustmarque

A passwordless future and much more with Microsoft 365 E5

*Enters password* – *Incorrect password* – *Reset password* – *New password cannot be the same as old password*. We’ve all been there. In our digitally focussed lives, passwords are a fact of life. Make them memorable and they’re not strong enough. Make them too complex and you’ll struggle to remember them. But things are changing.

All ready well down the track on their passwordless journey is Microsoft; nearly all of their employees use passwordless options to log in to their corporate accounts. But this is just one of the ground-breaking features of Microsoft 365 E5, there are many more to improve the productivity of your workforce. Watch this on-demand session to hear about how Microsoft 365 E5 combines best-in-class productivity apps with advanced security, compliance, voice, and analytical capabilities.

 “People’s lives get improve for the better when they do not have to worry about identity theft and passwords.”

Sean Hannah – Principal Consultant – Trustmarque

Put your people first in your cybersecurity strategy

Did you know most cyberattacks target people, not technology? Our biggest challenge is that we need to stop defending ‘things’ – file share, databases, financial systems, but protect our people. Especially those who in the eyes of a threat-actor are a person of significance. Our cybersecurity responses are at odds with the view of the attacker, but our partner, Proofpoint can turn the tables and thwart these intended threats before they become attacks.

Utilising the power of email authentication, Email Fraud Defence protects your organisation from all phishing attacks that spoof trusted domains. In this session, Neil Hammet lifts the lid on 30% of the Fortune 1000 are fixing the number one vulnerability in email with Proofpoint Email Fraud Defence. View this on-demand session to see why we at Trustmarque and the experts at Proofpoint believe you must protect them to protect your business.

“Today’s threat actors are cunning. They orchestrate a sophisticated and complex chain of events that don’t target things, but people. They finely tuning their strategy to what plays most effectively with the intended victims.”

Neil Hammet – Email Fraud Defence Solutions Director – Proofpoint

Special thanks to our partners

Our much-loved XPO conference events have brought the industry together for over 30 years, this is the second year Trustmarque has run a digital event series and one of the best-attended to date.

We know that some teams have returned to office working, whilst others are operating in a hybrid capacity, so we appreciate that our audiences and speakers supported our virtual event.

A special thanks goes to our partners for their continued support in helping organisations to innovate, automate and accelerate their digital transformation for 2022 and beyond:

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