September 17, 2021

On demand session: Moving from Cyber Security to Cyber Resiliency

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How can your business keep the pace, whilst still maintaining a dynamic, resilient, and secure operation?

Transitioning and operating in the cloud is no longer just about moving from your on-premises data centres. It’s about optimising connections between branch offices to home offices and accelerating the development and deployment of applications – all while remaining secure and compliant! On Thursday 9 September, Grant Asplund (Growth Technologies Evangelist at Check Point Software Technologies) spoke to Trustmarque about:

  • The challenges organisations are facing
  • The impact on their security
  • How to become more cyber resilient
  • How to find the right solution

Scroll down to the YouTube video below to hear from guest speaker, Grant Asplund, who discusses how to capitalise on full business benefits out of the cloud through consolidation, visibility, automation, and intelligence.

“To move at the speed of cloud, you really need a partner you can trust. You must harmonise and unify your offering into a single cloud view and secure your everything. That’s why our partnership with Trustmarque allows us to support you as you graduate from a place of cloud security to cloud resilience.”

Grant Asplund, Growth Technologies Evangelist at Check Point Software Technologies.

About the speaker: Grant Asplund

The 40-minute session was led by Grant Asplund, Growth Technologies Evangelist at Check Point Software Technologies.

For more than 20 years, Grant Asplund has been sharing his insights on how businesses can best protect themselves from sophisticated cyber-attacks in an increasingly complex world. Grant’s wide range of cyber security experience informs his talks, enthralling audiences with his passionate and relational storytelling.

Our partnership with Check Point

We are one of a select number of Check Point Collaborative Support Partners. We have a highly-skilled internal Cyber Security team, making us ideally placed to help you leverage the latest cyber security technologies.

Trustmarque is participating in the Check Point Certified Service Providers (CCSP) programme and as such is officially recognised as a dedicated Check Point partner who has obtained the professional knowledge and deep expertise needed to deliver first-class technical support to Check Point customers.

Grant Asplund
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ConnectIT 2021: sign up for Introduction to SASE with Check Point

Our much-loved online event series, ConnectIT is back on Tuesday 19 – Friday 22 October 2021. Trustmarque Connect IT will focus on Innovation, automation and acceleration as the world continues to adapt to remote working.

On day two we will be hosting a session with our colleagues at Check Point, entitled “Introduction to SASE with Check Point”.

Guest speaker, Humza Ismaiel is a SASE Security Architect for Check Point covering the EMEA region with 5+ years of experience in Cyber Security. Ever since Gartner derived the terms SASE, Humza has been a thought leader in the market which is a focal point for Check Point.

Educating enterprises and delivering solutions is one of the key responsibilities Humza undertakes to help organisations begin their SASE journey and understanding what the current challenges are and how a SASE model can alleviate those.

Written by Julia Bluckert, Content and Communications Manager at Trustmarque