November 10, 2021

Partner blog: Send your data back to the future with IBM FlashSystems

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How quickly can you recover from an attack? Can you stop threats in their tracks? What if you had copies of your data that could be mobilised to protect your business?

As data has grown more complex, so have data attacks. We are living in an age where simple backup and recovery solutions are no longer enough. According to IBM, the frequency of ransomware attacks has increased from one every 16 seconds in 2019, to one every 11 seconds by the end of this year. Organisations like yours now need to not only prepare for the everyday but also to safeguard against the unexpected situations which may be on the horizon.

If or when a cyberattack does strike, it is crucial your organisation has the tools and solutions to be able to maintain mission-critical business operations, rapidly recover data, and minimise any business impact. With the correct safeguards in pace, you can reduce the impact of these attacks, and at the same time streamline your data management, improve performance and reduce your storage cost. Amazingly, there’s a solution which can work across multiple vendor platforms to achieve this time-travelling approach to cyber security.

“The number of ransomware attacks has nearly doubled in the first half of 2021, a staggering 1,097 organisations were hit by ransomware attacks in the first half of 2021, compared to 1,132 in 2020. IBM Safeguarded copy is the Protection, security and recovery you need from human error, system glitches, and malicious activity.”

Dave Williams, Vendor Alliance Manager, Trustmarque

ConnectIT – IBM FlashSystem Data Resilience

Hear from IBM’s Matt Fordham at ConnectIT 2021 discuss how to protect from failures, disasters and cyber attacks.

IBM FlashSystems – Steps to Cyber Incident Recovery (Vault)

With traditional cyber security environments, after an initial compromise is detected, it can take up to two weeks until a complete platform recovery is achieved. However, IBM’s FlashSystems shrink that time down to a matter of hours and their early detection and faster response approach gets you back up and running quicker than you ever imagined. This air-gapped protection approach follows the following steps:

Make copies of your data

With this new technology, businesses can prevent data tampering or deletion for any reason by enabling the creation of immutable point-in-time copies of data for a production volume. These can quickly be restored with immutable copy of data on 500 systems from multiple vendors – to aid quick recovery and response. Immutable copies create a logical air gap – meaning you have an archive of untouchable data at your fingertips, to be rolled back out when a ransomware attack strikes.

Test the copies

It is at this stage where IBM FlashSystems ensure you haven’t taken a copy of corrupted data, and blueprint for testing and recovery is built. These Safeguarded copies are invisible to hackers, hidden and protected from being modified or deleted by user error, malicious destruction, or ransomware attacks. The data, within these copies, can only be used after a Safeguarded copy is recovered to a separate recovery volume.

Automated processing

Behind the scenes, copies of your data are regularly taken, as well as testing the mechanisms for restoring from historic backup. You dictate the frequency of these automated tests to fortify your business’s storage infrastructure. This ensures that when the time comes, data protection precision has been achieved, when you weren’t even thinking about it.

Protect your business in a flash

If you are being challenged to optimise IT to drive growth without sacrificing performance, quality, or security, talk to Trustmarque about how the IBM FlashSystem family has everything needed to address infrastructure transformation.

It’s the best way to deliver a simple effective storage experience that’s easy to manage and extremely resilient – with automated insights and diagnostics, responsive support, and pre-tested “blueprints” to be a genuinely fast and easy to deploy hybrid cloud environment, right out of the box.