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Why Your Public Cloud Strategy Needs a Modern Infrastructure: New VMware ebook

As technology continues to disrupt business models and markets, digital transformation is critical for organisations that want to remain innovative, competitive, secure, and agile. Cloud computing is part of this transformation. From lower costs to higher flexibility and speed, it’s not hard to see why more companies are building or moving applications and computing infrastructure to the public cloud than ever before.

Amid this shift, many companies are looking to use a combination of private and public clouds, with hybrid cloud capabilities that orchestrate a mix of on-premises and off-premises resources. However, most data centres aren’t sufficiently modernised to enable a hybrid cloud approach for the automated delivery and management of IT services.

As you look to leverage public cloud to achieve faster time to market and more rapid innovation, modernizing your on-premises infrastructure is one of the most important things you can do.

Five-year growth rate of 15.9%

What Is a Modern Infrastructure, Anyway?

To succeed at the ultimate goal of running workloads in their optimal environment, whether on-premises or off-premises, you need the right foundation. That means modernizing your on-premises infrastructure to get ready for private and public cloud capabilities by evolving to a modern, software-defined data centre (SDDC).

At its core, infrastructure modernization requires that the entire IT environment be virtualized: compute, storage, and networking, plus unified management for intelligent operations.

Infrastructure modernisation

The result is a common environment that allows you to move and manage applications across private and public clouds with common enterprise management, security, and policies. You’ll gain more freedom and control, and will be able to respond faster to demands from the business, giving your company a competitive edge.

Three Reasons to Modernise Your Infrastructure

Evolving to a modern infrastructure sets you up to take advantage of having the same architecture and operational experience both on-premises and in the cloud, making it easier for users to gain the agility of public clouds while IT retains control over operations and governance.

To make the case to others in your organisation, keep these three key benefits of modern IT infrastructure in mind:

Flexible extension to public cloud. A common cloud infrastructure with unified deployment and an operational model across private and public clouds makes it easier to migrate workloads, add additional capacity, or push to the cloud for disaster recovery or backup when needed.

Agile application environment. A common modern infrastructure for all apps, including traditional enterprise apps and new cloud-native apps, provides the flexibility you need to meet changing customer demands and business drivers.

Maximal value. Stretching expertise and investments in your VMware ecosystem solution is simply a smart move. You can seamlessly extend existing compute virtualization skills and technologies to natively integrated storage and networking in a software-defined solution. By leveraging existing tools, skill sets, and solutions, you’ll be able to achieve digital transformation without disrupting your operations or your budget.

Choosing the Right Vendor Can Make All the Difference

With solutions from VMware, you can evolve to a modern, software-defined infrastructure of the latest versions of technologies and introduce private cloud capabilities into your environment. A common compute, storage, and networking architecture across public and private clouds provides both application mobility and a consistent management experience.

This allows you to drive new levels of utilization and efficiencies. You’ll lower costs and heighten productivity without adding unnecessary complexity or additional silos.

Start Your Journey

When you modernize your infrastructure with VMware, you’re partnering with the pioneer in virtualization technology and an innovator in cloud technologies. VMware helps organisations around the world meet next-generation technology demands and stay on the cutting edge of competition.

VMware brings you a software-defined data centre foundation that combines best-in-class compute, storage, and network virtualization, and unified management. Together, these solutions give you the ability to run, manage, connect, and secure apps across private and public clouds in an environment with hybrid cloud capabilities.

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