• Prism for Office 365

PRISM for Office 365

Trustmarque have a long history of working with organisations to ensure they get the most value from their software assets.  Our extensive portfolio of IT Asset Management (ITAM) services provides them greater insight and control of their IT assets.

A key tool of our ITAM services is PRISM. This is our award-winning data intelligence platform driven by Microsoft Power BI. PRISM takes data from your databases and asset management inventory tools and turns it into meaningful and actionable information that:

  • Supports business decisions
  • Proactively answer questions
  • Promote opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies.

With continual development, and input from our teams and customers alike, PRISM is always instep with current IT challenges and always ready for the future.

Office 365

We also have extensive experience assisting organisations to deploy and adopt Office 365 through such programmes as FastTrack. This perfectly positions us to understand our customers’ challenges around Office 365 across medium and enterprise size organisations.

We know that some large organisations have difficulty in tracking Office 365 usage across their departments and locations. Which may lead to some areas using more than their allocation of license or purchasing incorrect types of licenses leading to unnecessary overspend. PRISM for Office 365 provides granular detail of usage even across multiple organisations who use one Office 365 tenant, for example a large conglomerate or a central government body.

Insightful Dashboards

PRISM for Office 365 offers a suite of dashboards built on Microsoft Power BI that allows organisations to make informed decisions when procuring new licences, correctly assign unallocated ones, or identifying and re-harvesting unused licences.

This consolidated view of licensing and behaviour across the Office 365 tenant generates the insights necessary to deliver effective licensing services by utilising native user data in the context of your organisation. An organisation’s license usage reports can be accessed on demand by users providing access has been granted to Trustmarque’s Cloud-ESP online management portal.

Power BI is the engine that underlies our PRISM for Office 365 solution and lets users of all levels and capabilities to filter and manipulate the visualisations as they require, allowing for adaptive data intelligence over traditional reporting mechanisms.

PRISM for Office 365 at a glance

Data visibility

  • Find hidden data across your organisation’s Office 365 tenant
  • Allows Trustmarque to make informed recommendations based on your data and our expertise

Strategy planning

  • Promotes greater collaboration between your organisation and Trustmarque allowing us to have a more effective partnership when planning an IT strategy based on software and hardware
  • Creates a highly accurate cost forecasting and assists in identifying capital spend

Asset management

  • Utilise your existing data to enhance asset management best practice
  • Identifies cost savings through re harvesting
  • Catalogues assets of a particular specification: such as license type or software expiration date
  • Enhances compliance and governance processes

Discover PRISM for Office 365 yourself

Find out how PRISM for Office 365 can help your organisation to control, manage and efficiently utilise the licenses across your Office 365 estate by speaking to your Trustmarque account manager or by contacting us via [email protected]. We can arrange a face to face workshop or an online PRISM demonstration using Microsoft Teams.

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