SOS week

Stay safe with Sophos

Are you wondering if Ransomware really is the worst sort of malware ever? Or are you simply just struggling to get your head around GDPR? Or perhaps you’re worried how quickly Phishing is evolving and becoming more troublesome for your organisation?

Now you can find out without leaving your desk, by taking part in the Sophos Security SOS Week. Which takes place on the week of 19th June!

Five of Sophos’s top security experts will be stepping up to the microphone each day to share their expertise in a series of 40-minute webinar interviews with Naked Security writer and Senior Technologist, Paul Ducklin.

All you need is a web browser to take part!

The Sophos set list

19th June: GDPR – burden or opportunity? Cost or value?
Presenter: John Shaw, VP, Product Manager

20th June: Phishing – how this troublesome crime is evolving
Presenter: Peter Mackenzie, Global Malware Escalations Manager

21st June: Security, Surveillance and you – when does security turn into snooping?
Presenter: Luke Groves, Sophos Cyber Security Specialist

22nd June: Botnets – the malware that makes you part of the problem
Presenter: Fraser Howard, Principal Threat Researcher

23rd June: Ransomware revisited – is it really the worst sort of malware ever?
Presenter: James Burchell, Senior Sales Engineer

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