We are delighted to be shortlisted in the UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship category at the UK IT Industry Awards 2019.

We have been shortlisted based on our ITAM solution, Prism, a Business Intelligence reporting tool that was designed and developed by our ITAM Solutions Architect, James Moran.

The UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship category is awarded for a new product or service that has been developed by a small team in the UK. It has to be proven to deliver measurable benefit to customers and demonstrate the potential to be an important product in the UK, as well as globally.

UK IT Innovation and Eutrepreneurship award

The aim of this award is specifically to recognise innovation and achievement in IT product or service development. This can be either by a start-up organisation, or a small autonomous team within a larger organisation.

Earlier this year, Prism and its creator James had similar success when they were nominated for a UK Cloud Award.

What is Prism?

In a nutshell, Prism is a dynamic asset management analytics service driven by Microsoft Power BI. It takes information from numerous data sources such as Snow Inventory, Snow License Manager and in-house systems and creates detailed dashboards that display relevant information to an organisation.

Prism EoL
Prism Datacentre Infrastructure
Prism Software Spend
Prism Applications on Servers

Prism brings innovation

Prism goes beyond the standard analytics reporting and services which usually only provide simple overviews. It takes data from across your IT estate and transforms it into meaningful information that:

  • Supports business decisions
  • Proactively answers questions
  • Identifies opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies

The resulting information is presented in a way that is much easier for people to understand without the need to interpret complex inventory data available in platforms, such as Snow. The Prism dashboards let users see highly targeted and relevant information from their own data.

With greater visibility of your data, that might otherwise be hidden within Snow Inventory and other systems, you can gain insight into key business challenges to support the development of business plans and strategies. It also enables more accurate cost forecasting by assisting in identifying capital spend, as well as enhanced asset management, where you can use data to identify cost savings through re-harvesting of licenses.

Success with Prism

Trustmarque uses the unique insight from Prism to give our customers further value-added service from the norm. We offer graphs, management views and presentations which deliver active intelligence and accurate insights fast, so users can use the data to determine how quickly they can, for example, deploy a Windows 10 migration plan across the organisation.

Prism also drives further cost efficiencies and boosts productivity as it replaces manual monthly reports that organisations typically produce with real-time dashboards.

Prism has been live for a number of months and it has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from several of our managed services customers. The Trustmarque customer facing teams love how Prism has strengthened our overall services and provides even more value to our customers.

Prism in action

We worked with a large general hospital who were in the process of undertaking a major Windows 10 migration. As part of this project the hospital has adopted Prism as a Business Intelligence tool.

Prism extracted highly targeted and relevant information from the hospital’s own data to provide dynamic real time reporting and insights into their business challenges. It has enabled them to make better decisions faster and report effectively back to both the Hospital Board and NHS Digital.

With Prism, they have been able to obtain active intelligence. Armed with this data, they now have a better understanding of their whole IT estate, enabling them to plan strategically for their Windows 10 migration and all subsequent business decisions.

Utilising the Prism dashboards, the hospital team is already able to extract data driven evidence that promotes an Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) strategy within the hospital (such as software and hardware refresh lifecycles and information on current policies and procedures) to manage their IT estate more cost effectively.

With its easy to use intuitive interface little training was required, and the hospital’s IT team was able to quickly leverage existing data to gain immediate value.

Take control of your IT Asset Management

Our aim is to empower organisations with connected IT and help to make you more successful an increasingly digital and technology-driven world. Through dynamic IT Asset Management, we realign IT with the rest of your organisation to help make you more efficient, ensure compliancy, optimise spend, drive automation and deliver self-sufficiency.

We have a range of ITAM consultancies which can be tailored to your needs. We bring you market-leading solutions – powered by the best tools and the best minds in the business – to ensure you get the most from your IT investments.

Speak to your Trustmarque account manager or email [email protected] to book your one to one session.

Good luck to James and the rest of the Prism team at the in the UK IT Industry awards 2019 in November.